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Ask PSLS: Which Two June 2013 New Release Video Games Are You Most Excited for?

Are you the last of us to remember me?

June 2013 PlayStation 3 & PS Vita Video Game Release Dates in North America and Europe

Believe it or not, there’s more than just The Last of Us.

Remember Me is Rated Mature, ESRB Details Memory Remixes and Nudity

Don’t forget that this is out next week.

Resident Evil 6 Sold 4.9 Million Copies Last Year, DmC Devil May Cry “Posted Solid Sales”

Capcom doesn’t remember Remember Me.

This Week in PlayStation: March 17th – 23rd, 2013

Did you miss anything?

Daily Reaction: Publishers Don’t Want You to Remember Me, Fear Using Female Protagonists

Welcome to the boys’ club.

Publishers Passed on Remember Me Because of Female Lead: “It Has to be a Male Character, Simple as That”

You already forgot about me, didn’t you?

Remember Me Gets a June 4th Release Date in North America, June 7th in Europe

Don’t forget.

New Remember Me Trailer Shows off Combat, Kid Xmas

I’ll never forget you.

Get a Fresh Look at Remember Me Gameplay in TGS Walkthrough

Customizable combos? Sign me up!

Street Fighter Director Ono Helping Out on Remember Me’s Combat

Yay for teamwork!

Capcom Committed to Remember Me, “Long-Term Future” Planned for the Franchise

Altering memories for years to come.

Remember Me Will Feature “50% Action, 50% Exploration/Adventure”

Title will deliver a “clear action-adventure recipe”

How Remember Me Differentiates Itself From Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs focuses on technology, while Remember Me aims to capture what it means for the people it affects.

Sony “Stopped a Number of Games Last Year”, Allowed Remember Me to Become Multiplatform

Better not have been any good games.

AAA New IP ‘Remember Me’ Announced by Capcom‎

You don’t remember me do you?