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capcom sales interview

Capcom Says It Is More Concerned With a Game’s Quality Than Sales Numbers

It makes sense, doesn’t it?

best ps4 games

The PS4’s Biggest Ever Releases…So Far

Celebrating the crème de la crème.

resident evil 7 sales

Resident Evil 7 Sales Cross 5 Million Worldwide

The game recently won an award for Best VR Audio.

Capcom Financial Results Reveal Net Sales Down, but Income Up

Lower sales, but more profit!

Best PlayStation VR Game of 2017 – Nominees

What got you immersed in the headset this year?

resident evil 7 gold edition

Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition is Out Now, Includes All DLC for the Game

DLCs out now as well!

PGW 2017: Resident Evil VII’s Free Not a Hero DLC Trailer Reveals New Content Called End of Zoe

End of Zoe is paid content, not included with Not a Hero.

8 Unique Horror Games That Are Perfect for Halloween

Because oftentimes jump scares just aren’t enough.

resident evil 7 dlc

Capcom Offers New Details on Upcoming Resident Evil 7 DLC

New trailer and information!

Not a Hero Gameplay

Check Out 10+ Minutes of Resident Evil 7’s Not A Hero DLC

Chris Redfield is back!

resident evil 7 gold edition

Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition Announced

Brand new DLC!

Japan: First Half of 2017 Led By Nintendo Switch & Monster Hunter, Resident Evil 7 #1 on PS4

And NieR: Automata was right behind it.

Unannounced Resident Evil Project in the Works at Capcom

What could it be?

Resident Evil 7 Director Talks About the Importance of Combat

Says the ability to “confront and defeat the source of your fears” differentiates it from other horror series.

Capcom Expects Resident Evil 7 to Sell 10 Million Units

High hopes!

Capcom: Two Major Titles Coming This Year, Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Expected to Sell Two Million Copies

Resident Evil 7 expected to sell another two million copies this year.

Capcom Financials: Resident Evil 7 Moves 3.5 Million Copies, Misses Original Expectation

Resident Evil 6 on PS4 and Xbox One has sold one million copies.

Not a Hero Gameplay

Resident Evil 7 Not a Hero DLC Delayed

It “was not good enough to meet those high expectations” of players.

Next Resident Evil May Be “Very Different From Resident Evil 7 in Some Ways,” Says Producer

Every video in the Making Of series is now available for viewing.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica Rated in Germany for PS4

Resident Evil 7 Making Of Part 1 video is live!