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Resident Evil Origins Collection Releases in January 2016 on PS4, Xbox One & PC

Wesker Mode announced for RE0.


Capcom Says HD Remasters to Be “One of Our Key Business Activities”

Be prepared to see HD remasters of Capcom’s big hits.


Resident Evil HD Remaster Crosses 1 Million Copies Sold Worldwide

Word of mouth was a big help.


Resident Evil HD Remaster Comparison Video Pits PS4 vs PC

30fps vs 60fps.

Resident Evil HD Remaster Review – You are Dead (PS4)

Hope you saved before you died!


Watch 11 Minutes of Resident Evil HD Remaster Gameplay


resident evil jill chris BSAA

Capcom to Add Jill Valentine and Chris Redfield BSAA Costumes to Resident Evil HD Remaster

Just spread the virus.


Capcom Giving Free Content for Upcoming Resident Evil HD Remaster if Zombies Destroy Raccoon City

Make the zombies overrun Raccoon City!