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The Playlist 4/23/10

Yet another dreadful work week has passed, and with that, us gamersRead the full article…

PS3 Review – Resonance of Fate

One of the major criticisms of the PlayStation 3 since launch has been the distinct lack of RPGs. The fact that at one time you could hold all of the available RPGs in one hand made fans of the genre begging for the glory days of the PS1 & PS2. Fast Forward to 2010 and 6 RPGs have already graced our system of choice with many more to come (Alpha Protocol, FF XIV, DC Universe, etc.). Sega and Tri-Ace’s Resonance of Fate is the latest title from this ‘rush’ to be unleashed with promises of an all-new, innovative combat system which will set it apart from the rest. Will ROF be one of the more memorable games from the ‘Great RPG rush of 2010′ or is it destined to be forgotten?

PlayStation Release Horizon 03/15/10

The most anticipated week of 2010 is finally upon us as theRead the full article…

Resonance of Fate Draws its Guns on North America

Sega is coming out and letting North America know that it’s notRead the full article…

Resonance of Fate Seals Its Fate In Europe

tri-Ace is looking to redefine the RPG genre with Resonance of Fate,Read the full article…

Last Rebellion Stirs up a Release Date

After what many people have called a slow couple of years inRead the full article…

Top 5 Most Anticipated RPG’s Not Named Final Fantasy

For the first part of this generation’s life cycle there was notRead the full article…

Resonance of Fate Gets Japanese Release Date

When SEGA announced Resonance of Fate or End of Eternity in Japan,Read the full article…

tri-Ace Ditching Square Enix for “More Open” Publisher

Famed Japanese developer tri-Ace has teamed with Square Enix for as longRead the full article…

SEGA’s End of Eternity is now Resonance of Fate

Renowned Japanese developer to bring Resonance of Fate to next-gen systems. SEGARead the full article…