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star wars battlefront 2 sales

Japanese Sales Chart: Pokémon is Still Huge, Star Wars Not So Much

View the full list!

Get 20% Off Fortnite Standard, Deluxe Founder’s Packs This Week, 25% Off With Plus

In preparation for the upcoming 100-player PVP mode.

Titanfall 2 and Battlefield 1 Sale at Target Lets You Get Each for $35

Good deals for great games.

Uncharted summer sale

Summer Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Sale

Set sale for Uncharted points deals.

PS4 Outsold Xbox One in January 2016 in the US, NPD Data Confirms

Last-gen console sales are slowing down significantly.

Mad Catz Says Combined PS4 & Xbox One Sales Are “Around 60 Million,” Projects 150 Million by 2019

Aggressive Guitar Hero Live pricing negatively impacted Rock Band 4.

PS4 Sales Reach 25.3 Million After Strong Quarter

It was a great quarter for PlayStation.

Japan’s Top 500 Used Game Sales in 2014

A PS2 game even sneaks in there!

Dark Souls Franchise Sales Now at Over Eight Million

PC leading the pack, surprisingly.

The Witcher 3 Sales Now at Over 4 Million Sold, CD Projekt RED Co-Founder Thanks Fans in Letter

Reaching this milestone in just two weeks from release.

It’s Not Time for Devs to Leave PS3 Behind

Time to crucify cross-generation games?

PS4 Tops 1.5 Million Sold in Japan; Finally Outpacing Dreamcast

How did PS3, Wii-U, Dreamcast, and the Cube sell in that same time?

PS4 Owns 70 Percent Share of Total Market Now-Gen Sales in Italy

Much faster than the PS3.

Nintendomination on Japanese Pre-Golden Week Sales Chart

Mario jumps to the top of charts.

Why PS3 Dragon Quest Heroes Outsold PS4 Version

Graphics and frame rate can’t compete with affordability.

PS4 Sales Exceed 20.2 Million Units Sold Worldwide

Almost double the PS3 sales in the same timeframe.

Analyst Firm Predicts PS4 Will Outsell Xbox One by 40% Through 2018

Expected to “reproduce the success of the PlayStation 2.”

PSP Sees 18% Japanese Sales Increase for Holidays, Comeback Begins

Scrambling shoppers start sudden strong Sony sales spike

Japan Sales for Dec. 22-28 – Everything Sucks and Is Dead

The slow drag until better software arrives?