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god of war microtransactions

Sony Announces Limited Edition God of War PlayStation 4 Pro Bundle

Specially designed console and controller!

God of War Limited Edition Crate Available Soon From Loot Crate, Be Notified When it Goes on Sale

It’s in partnership with Sony and Santa Monica Studio.

God of War Egypt Didn’t Happen Because Barlog Didn’t Want it to Conflate With Assassin’s Creed Origins

He wanted to avoid an “Armageddon/Deep Impact” scenario.

‘Their Mythology is Weird’: God of War’s Scandanavian Setting Offers Levity and Light Moments

Likens it to being like Marvel over DC.

god of war microtransactions

God of War Devs Previously Discussed Moving Kratos to Christian Beliefs

Jaffe planted a lot of seeds in the original games.

God of War Story Trailer

Learn All About God of War’s Boats, The Challenges That Created Them, and the Stories They Can Tell

The idea was not popular with the team at first.

Cory Barlog Was Brought on to God of War to ‘Break the Rules’

It takes someone familiar with the franchise to evolve it in a meaningful way.

god of war release date

Here’s Why the God of War Jump Button Got Removed

Kratos no longer has hops.

Future God of War Titles Could Go To Egyptian, Mayan Eras, Allows for an Evolution of Kratos

Breaking away from Greek mythology allowed for a lot of changes.

Hilarious God of War Q&A Reveals Story Details, Unlockable Costumes, Will Be a Surprising Game

There are voice actors reprising their roles from the old games.

Here They Lie Trailer Preps You For October 13 Launch on PlayStation VR

Europe gets a retail version on November 2.