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God of war kratos dad jokes

Kratos is a Dad, Dad Jokes and All, Hear Chistopher Judge Deliver Some God of War Groaners in Kratos’s Voice

What, Atreus, is brown and sticky?

God of war sales

Sony Was UK’s Top Publisher in April as God of War Claimed No. 1 Spot

Far Cry 5 claimed second place.

God of war sales

God of War is the Fastest Selling PS4 Exclusive, 3.1 Million Sold in Three Days

God of Sales. God of Exclusives. Kratos is earning himself some new titles.

God of war cast voice actors

Cory Barlog Asks the God of War Cast Odd Questions, Like ‘Is a Hot Dog a Sandwich?’

Pineapple on pizza? Find out what Kratos thinks!

God of war future

Cory Barlog Has Five More God of War Games Mapped Out in His Head

Planning so far ahead to lay the narrative foundations for each game

God of War Avengers infinity war thanos infinity gauntlet infinity stones easter egg

There’s an Avengers: Infinity War Easter Egg in God of War, Wield the Infinity Gauntlet

The Mad Titan isn’t the only one that can harness the power of the Gauntlet.

God of war secret ending god of war true ending

God of War’s True Ending Can Be Easily Missed, Here’s How to Make Sure You See it (Spoiler Free)

It’s a very important scene to add context and further the mystery.

God of war gates mash circle

Cory Barlog May Have Taken it Away, But I Still Mash Circle When Opening Gates in God of War

It’s the one evolution my mind cannot accept.

God of war Cory Barlog Review Reaction

God of War Director Cory Barlog Gets Emotional Reading Reviews, Reminding Us That it’s People that Make Games

A moment five years in the making.

God of war soundtrack

Full God of War Soundtrack Now Available on Spotify, Bear McCreary Details the Creative Process

The score is a reinvention the ventures into new territory.

custom god of war limited edition console

This Modded God of War Limited Edition Console is Simply Divine

The mod DOES NOT come with the awesome chant every time you turn it on. Which makes us sad.

God of war atreus

God of War Almost Had Atreus, Kratos’s Son, Cut Early in Development

Sony was apparently worried about the cost of developing his part in the game.

god of war trailer

New God of War Trailer Explains How Players Can Have Their Own Unique Kratos

Channel your rage to… take care of your your kid, make sure he eats well, and sleep in a warm fuzzy bed.

god of war gold

God of War Has Gone Gold Ahead of Next Month’s Release

A huge milestone.

god of war photo mode

God of War Photo Mode Being Considered, Would Arrive in Future Update

“I think we need to do something really cool.”

God of War Difficulty

God of War’s Hardest Difficulty is a ‘Hugely Different’ Experience

It makes changes to enemy attack patterns.

god of war gameplay

Watch Over 15 Minutes of God of War Gameplay

A great look at combat.

god of war microtransactions

Sony Announces Limited Edition God of War PlayStation 4 Pro Bundle

Specially designed console and controller!

God of War Limited Edition Crate Available Soon From Loot Crate, Be Notified When it Goes on Sale

It’s in partnership with Sony and Santa Monica Studio.