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God of War Difficulty

God of War’s Hardest Difficulty is a ‘Hugely Different’ Experience

It makes changes to enemy attack patterns.

Hilarious God of War Q&A Reveals Story Details, Unlockable Costumes, Will Be a Surprising Game

There are voice actors reprising their roles from the old games.

God of War’s E3 Demo Was From the Beginning of the Game, Will Be Different in the Final Product

What happened to the boy’s mother will be a big part of the game.

God of War Won’t Include Multiplayer, Sony Santa Monica Talks the New Setting

Kratos breaks open chests now.

E3 2016 – Kratos Has a New Voice Actor in God of War, Egyptian Mythology Was Considered

God of War predates the Vikings.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Beta Preview (Vita)

Size doesn’t mean a damn thing.

Get a Rundown on All the Highlights From the God of War: Ascension PAX Panel

Early Kratos concept art look verrrry different.

Rumor: God of War Saga Collection Coming to PS3 Next Month

A compilation of epic proportions.

PS3 Review – God of War: Origins Collection

Kratos is the first to make the jump from PSP to PS3… are the Gods pleased?

Sony to Debut Starhawk Space Gameplay at Gamescom

Up until now, footage of Sony’s upcoming online shooter, Starhawk, has remainedRead the full article…

God of War Master Collection to Ravage Only Germany

You might recall last week when we found an unannounced God ofRead the full article…

Did Forbes Just Accidentally Out “a New God of War 3D Adventure”?

Keeping secrets isn’t one of Sony’s strong points, with the technology giantRead the full article…

God of War Dev Auctions Rare Collectibles to Aid Japan

The God of War development team at Santa Monica Studios and SonyRead the full article…

God of War Developer Hiring Shooter and Vehicular Combat Expert

Possibly the complete opposite from what the God of War developers areRead the full article…

Kratos Beats God of War III Price to a Bloody Affordable Pulp

Just a little over a year ago, Kratos smashed onto the PlayStationRead the full article…

Cosplay Taken To The Next Level With Kratos Costume

There is no doubt that Kratos is one of the most iconicRead the full article…

LA Testers Needed for Pixel Junk Shooter 2: Incredible Incentive Offered

Are you a fan on dancing around strange towers or swinging fromRead the full article…