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Sony gamescom 2014 Press Conference Dated

It’s less than a month away.

LittleBigPlanet 2 Trailer has Character, Voice Acting

What made the first LittleBigPlanet so great was the seemingly endless amountRead the full article…

Patapon 3 “100 Hour Demo” Inbound

After Patapon 2 was released, gamers knew it was only a matterRead the full article…

MotorStorm Apocalypse Information Blowout

Earlier this year, in the days leading up to E3, Sony announcedRead the full article…

European PlayStation Plus Gets Some Killzone 3 Action

Didn’t get into the Killzone 3 Beta back when it was announced in early October? You weren’t even one of the 5,000 new recipients of the beta? Well if you have a European PlayStation Network account with PlayStation Plus, you’re in luck!

Controller Lag Out, Weapon Weight In For Killzone 3

Many Killzone fans may remember the notorious lag that was ever presentRead the full article…

Resistance Hero Nathan Hale Confirmed as a Casualty

While many look toward Kratos, Solid Snake, and several Naughty Dog charactersRead the full article…

Toy Story 3 Heading to EU PlayStation Home

Following the amazing and somewhat unexpected success of the Toy Story 3Read the full article…

PlayStation Move Demo Disc to Move to PSN

Tucked away inside the PlayStation Move Starter Bundle, which includes a PlayStationRead the full article…

Killzone 3 Gets Cinematic

With Killzone 2 upping the realism in every way – showcasing whatRead the full article…

Top 5 Games That Need Trophies

Since 2009, trophy support became a mandatory feature for developers for theirRead the full article…

Fat Princess: Mmmmmm Brains?

With the first DLC pack for Fat Princess just releasing on PSNRead the full article…