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Man Sues Sony Over Killzone: Shadow Fall Resolution

“Unfortunately, Sony’s marketing and on-box representations turned out to be nothing more than fiction.”


SCEA Trademarks ‘Entwined’ and ‘Kill Strain’

Will we hear more about these at E3 2014?

South America Flags

Sony PlayStation and the Intricate Battle for the South American Gaming Market

As the gaming market in South America emerges, how can Sony dominate?


Sony Announces Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Release Date

Early 2013 is getting awfully crowded.


Sony Comments on Current PS3 Slim SKU, No Formal Price Drop Planned

Black Friday, here we come!


PlayStation Home Redesign Arrives Tomorrow – Are You Ready?

PlayStation Home has been through a lot since it first launched aRead the full article…

PS3 Review – ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Welcome to the world we all asked for. Two years ago when theRead the full article…


SCEA Pledging Millions for PSN Exclusive Titles, Including Indies

If you spend any time on your PlayStation 3, then you knowRead the full article…

David Jaffe To Hold PAX Prime Keynote This August

Creator of both the Twisted Metal franchise and the God of WarRead the full article…

Next Twisted Metal Named, Jaffe Discusses Multiplayer

What do you get when you take sixteen online gamers, speeding cars firing homingRead the full article…


God of War Dev Auctions Rare Collectibles to Aid Japan

The God of War development team at Santa Monica Studios and SonyRead the full article…

Senator Blumenthal Calls Sony Out for PSN Hack

When the PlayStation Network first went down, it was unclear if thisRead the full article…

inFamous 2 Beta Extended… For Now

The inFamous 2 User Generated Content Beta program started in early April, but the PlayStation Network problems are leaving gamers all alone.

Fumito Ueda Delays Both his PS3 Projects

After both the Ico/Shadow of the Colossus Collection and The Last Guardian were shown off at the Tokyo Game Show last September, gamers were elated to get their hands on the games in the Spring and Holiday of 2011 respectively. Well…


Sony Sees Growing Interest in 3D Technology This Year

Although motion controls have become the highlight of technological discussions in recentRead the full article…

inFamous 2 Beta Has Officially Begun

A few weeks ago at GDC Sucker Punch Productions unveiled their groundbreaking new feature in inFamous 2: User Generated Content. The beta that was announced is now underway.

Buy Killzone 3, Get SOCOM 4 Beta. Buy SOCOM 4, get Resistance 3 Beta

Betas betas galore! With the PS3′s focus on big multiplayer games, it’s easy to see that developers need information on how their games run in the wild. Fortunately, that means good news for us.


George Hotz Flees to South America…For Now

George Hotz, also known by his hacker alias “GeoHot,” dropped a megatonRead the full article…


$20 Credit in Killzone 3 Pre-order Deal

You’ve read our review. You’ve played the demo and participated in theRead the full article…


inFamous 2 Shocking PS3s This June; Hero Edition Announced

inFamous 2 to electrify store shelves on June 7th.