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PSX 2015: The Tomorrow Children Closed Beta Begins January 21

You can sign up now.

PSX 2015: Free-to-Play Title Guns Up Available on PS4 Today

PS Plus members get free starter DLC.

9 Bloodborne Player Screenshots Show Us Weapons and Stuff

The Share Button gives a glimpse of PS4’s sixth-hottest exclusive.

Fat Princess: Piece of Cake Review – A Puzzling Entry (Vita)

Swap those cakes!

Refund Coming to Early PS Vita Buyers as Sony Settles With FTC Over False Advertising

Good news for you, bad news for Sony.

Sony’s Layden: If It’s in my Power, “Why Wouldn’t We” Re-Release Older Games on PlayStation

Parappa the Rapper is being looked at, but complex rights issues are getting in the way.

Fluster Cluck Review – What a Cluster [email protected]#% (PS4)

Hope you like… chikkins?

Planetside 2 and H1Z1 Associate Art Director, John Roy, Passes Away

John Roy served Sony for 16 years.

Vib Ribbon Gets a Release Date in North America & Europe on PS3, PS Vita

They’re working on bringing it to PS4.

Minecraft PS4 Edition Review – Better With a Couch (PS4)

Mine stuff, craft stuff. On a couch even, with friends!

inFAMOUS First Light Review – Go Fetch (PS4)

A more focused experience.

inFAMOUS First Light Photo Mode Gallery

We shine our first light on the photo mode.

CounterSpy Review – Nuclear Frustration (PS4)

A new kind of 007.

Man Sues Sony Over Killzone: Shadow Fall Resolution

“Unfortunately, Sony’s marketing and on-box representations turned out to be nothing more than fiction.”

SCEA Trademarks ‘Entwined’ and ‘Kill Strain’

Will we hear more about these at E3 2014?

South America Flags

Sony PlayStation and the Intricate Battle for the South American Gaming Market

As the gaming market in South America emerges, how can Sony dominate?

Sony Announces Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Release Date

Early 2013 is getting awfully crowded.

Sony Comments on Current PS3 Slim SKU, No Formal Price Drop Planned

Black Friday, here we come!

PlayStation Home Redesign Arrives Tomorrow – Are You Ready?

PlayStation Home has been through a lot since it first launched aRead the full article…

PS3 Review – ICO & Shadow of the Colossus Collection

Welcome to the world we all asked for.¬†Two years ago when theRead the full article…