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the last guardian

Anonymous Sony Developer Comments on Status of The Last Guardian, Suggests it was Announced Too Early

Announcement will come when the game is ready.


Stunning New Screens for Soul Sacrifice Showcase the Power of the Vita

Killer app? I think so.


Our Japanese Studios Create The “Unexpected And Beautiful”, Says Sony

Rain showcases how SCEJ delivers “culturally and creatively”.

No Trophies For PSP Remaster Series Games

Monster Hunter Portable fans everywhere were most likely elated to hear toRead the full article…

New White Knight Chronicles: Origins Screens Discovered, Not 10,000 Years Old

White Knight Chronicles: Origins was originally announced back in June, since then,Read the full article…


Sony Preparing January 27th PSP2 Announcement in Tokyo

While the PlayStation Phone has stolen quite a bit of the limelightRead the full article…

Bleach: Soul Ignition Reaps Souls in Demo Footage

Although a Bleach‘s latest anime film just came out, and the PlayStationRead the full article…


Gran Turismo 5 Helps Overlap PS3 Sales

The Gran Turismo series by the Japanese developers, Polyphony Digital, is the mostRead the full article…


Kazunori: “The [GT5] Discs Are Being Stamped As We Speak”

Finally. Gran Turismo 5 has had quite the long and arduous journey going from mere conception to realization as “The Ultimate Driving Simulator,” but that day finally looks like it’ll happen soon.


Demon’s Souls 2 Hinted at by SCEJ

Judging by the critical and commercial success Demon’s Souls received upon itsRead the full article…

PSP2 Begins to Look More Real

There’s a saying we apply to the journalism business that goes somethingRead the full article…

Chickens to Wander the Tokyo Jungle

When I think of an apocalyptic wasteland, I envision open spaces completely overrun by forest. I imagine cities in ruins, once valuable items, thrown about in the streets, and animals vying for control of what is left of the world. Sony reminded me, however, I forgot that one of the most fierce of all animals survived as well: chickens.