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Sony Japan Knitting up a New Game

Tokyo Game Show is on the horizon. The land of the risingRead the full article…

Echochrome II Footage Shines Light on Gameplay Details

SCE Japan Studios is looking to stretch your mind, and expand yourRead the full article…

White Knight Chronicles 2 First Day Sales are Lackluster

This week White Knight Chronicles 2 went on sale in the landRead the full article…

Sony Japan Claims ‘Sweet’ Victory of 5 Million PSN Users

Sony Japan is so pumped that they have reached 5 million registeredRead the full article…

New Patapon Marching to PS3?

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is teasing a new game on their site with a countdown and signs are pointing to it being a brand new Patapon. The background of the countdown looks eerily like the aforementioned Patapon series that has so far been found strictly on the PSP. However with 5 days remaining until a beta test, this is looking like a PS3 game, possibly an online one?

Sony Japan Celebrating a Huge Milestone

After the initial slow start of the PS3 around the world, Sony is now blazing past milestones at every corner and over in Japan, they have reached 5 million registered PSN users. Along with this great accomplishment, these users have downloaded 110 million pieces of DLC.

White Knight Chronicles 2 Trailer is Totally Japanese

Plenty of footage for the sequel to Sony and Level 5′s PlayStationRead the full article…

White Knight Chronicles 2 Gets Dated in Japan; New Trailer

It’s been well over a year now since the PlayStation 3 exclusive,Read the full article…

Shadow of Colossus Movie Will be HUGE In 3D

’3D is a fad’ says Roger Ebert. He calls it a ‘wasted dimension’. How about a reminder, Roger. Want to know how much Avatar, one of the first ‘true’ 3D movies made worldwide?? Over $2.7 BILLION DOLLARS and is the #1 movie…of all time. What does this have to do with the Shadow of the Colossus movie you ask? The good as confirmed script writer for the film more or less says that it’s essential that the film be made for 3D and you can’t really blame the guy. Read on to find out his thoughts on 3D filmmaking.

Demon’s Souls Should Have Been First Party

Even though Demon’s Souls is perhaps the most challenging Next-Gen game to date, the game has gone on to make the US publisher, Atlus, a TON of revenue. With sales closing in on the quarter of a million mark, Sony has realized their mistake in passing on what Gamespot crowned their 2009 GOTY and have commented on the subject.

Games That Support PlayStation Move At Launch

PlayStation Move has been officially revealed to the masses and will beRead the full article…

White Knight Chronicles Offers Free DLC For a Limited Time

When White Knight Chronicles hit American soil early in February, Sony promised that the title would receive new DLC quest available soon after release. Fast forward to now and news has been released that new quest are on the way and will keep you entertained for quite a while.