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Sony: “It’s a Bit Too Early to Sort out” PlayStation VR’s Price and Release Date

Sony hasn’t changed their release window of the first half of 2016.

Sony Doesn’t Want to Spoil The Last Guardian’s Story by Showing It Too Much

“I think we will try to limit what we show about the game.”

Shuhei Yoshida Talks PSN Name Changes, PS4 Backwards Compatibility & More

“PS5 doesn’t exist.”

Shuhei Yoshida Teases First and Third Party Announcements Coming at Sony’s Paris Games Week Press Conference

It’ll be similar to their gamescom press conferences.

Shuhei Would Like to See Gran Turismo PS4 Use VR, Admits Racing Genre Is a “Very Difficult” Market

They’d need to come up with a great angle for a potential DriveClub sequel.

Sony Would “Absolutely” Want to Continue Working With Bloodborne Developer From Software

Shuhei says PS Vita sales outside of Japan “are pretty steady.”

Yoshida: Sony’s Big Holiday 2015 PS4 Game Is the Uncharted Collection, There’s No Shortage Of “Huge Titles”

There’s “lots of great big titles announced for the next year.”

Shuhei Yoshida on a New Wipeout Game: “Never Say Never”

Sony Bend Studio is working on an “awesome, cool game” he isn’t allowed to talk about.

Yoshida: Climate “Not Healthy” for PlayStation Vita 2 Due to Dominance of Mobile Gaming

Full talk inside!

Shuhei Yoshida Talks VR, Gravity Rush, Vita, and More at Tokyo Game Show

A discussion with Yoshida about all kinds of stuff.

Shuhei Yoshida Explains Lack of Until Dawn Marketing Push

Budgets and marketing departments.

Shuhei: Sony Has “Many” Unannounced PlayStation VR Games, “Almost All” Japanese Publishers Working on VR

Small developers can still create games (and get them done) in time for PlayStation VR launch.

Yoshida: People Will “Totally Understand” Why Gravity Rush 2 Is PS4 Only

He “absolutely” feels as if they supported the PS Vita in terms of first-party software.

Original PlayStation Launch Remembered by Video Game Pioneers

Ken Kutaragi, Shuhei Yoshida, and more.

Sony TGS 2015 English Live-Stream is Here! Watch It Now

Watch it in English and prepare for “new game reveals” according to Sony!

PlayStation’s EGX 2015 Lineup Includes Project Morpheus, 25+ Playable Games, Shuhei Yoshida Q&A

More panels include Project Morpheus talk and Uncharted retrospective.

Top 5 PlayStation Executives

Kutaragi didn’t make it, sorry!

Shuhei Yoshida Was “Very Surprised” by Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Announcement

He’s “very curious” to see how it works.

Shuhei Yoshida Comments on Nintendo PlayStation Console

Yoshida wouldn’t confirm if it’s the real deal.