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Shuhei Yoshida Names His Top 10 Games of the Generation; #1 Made Him Cry

You may be surprised at his choices.


Shuhei Yoshida: YouTube App/Browser Support “Not on Day 1″, DualShock 4 Battery Life “A Bit Shorter” Than DualShock 3

At least you can charge it in standby.


Shuhei Yoshida’s Reaction to the Xbox One $499 Price: “Yahoo!”, “We Were High-Fiving”

“I think we are helping each other to make the launch of… our systems known to more people in the world.”


Shuhei Yoshida on Low PS4 Game Review Scores: “It’s Disappointing”, “I Was Hoping Knack Could Score in the Mid 70s”

Shuhei doesn’t believe Mark Cerny was spread too thin.


Geoff Keighley: Shuhei Yoshida Was Surprised “By One Announcement” During a Taping for PS4 All Access

Special Destiny announcement at PS4 All Access; Banderas appearance?


Shuhei on PS3 Support: “All of Our Large Teams Will Move on to PS4″; Cross Buy “Just Makes Sense”

It also makes dollars. Boom!


Shuhei Yoshida on PS4′s Lack of Day 1 DLNA/MP3 Support: “We Didn’t Really Think About” It

Sebastian thinks about you every night.


Shuhei Yoshida: Don’t Worry, “You are Able to Sell or Share Your Disc PS4 Products”

“We have no DRM, no new DRM at all.”


The Official PS4 Unboxing Video Stars Shuhei Yoshida

The unofficial PS4 unboxing video stars Francis… and has more views.


Shuhei Yoshida on PS4 HDD Upgrading: Games & Content Need to be Redownloaded

Don’t worry, you won’t lose The PlayRoom.


Local PS4/PS Vita Remote Play Doesn’t Need WiFi/Internet

PS4 upscaler is hardware based.

PS4 and Controller

Shuhei on PS4: You Can Download a Game While Playing Another, 1.50 System Update Won’t be Included on Game Discs

I still can’t believe that the PS4 is just weeks away.


Video Shows off Knack PS4/Vita Co-op; Flower, flOw and Escape Plan Aren’t Part of the 30 PS4 Games in Development at Worldwide Studios

PS4 Link App to be released before PS4 launch.


Shuhei Yoshida Comments on Lack of Charge Cable With the DualShock 4

Red/Blue DualShock 4s still releasing “soon after” PS4 launch.


Shuhei Yoshida Talks PS4 Installs: “Happens in the Background as you Play”, Are Automatic

So I can’t make a sandwich while it installs?


Shuhei: Red & Blue DualShock 4 Controllers Releasing in US and Canada “Soon,” Not Before November 15th Though

He doesn’t recommend putting your PS4 vertically without the stand.