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Daily Reaction: Games, by Gamers, for Gamers

We’re all gamers!


Watch Yoshida Easily Take Down a Bloodborne Boss

Well, that was impressive.


Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Congratulates Sony on Bloodborne Success

Shuhei thanks him for the tweet.


Shuhei Yoshida Talks Scope of VR, Says Project Morpheus Works “Tightly” With PS4

“Gaming is just the start.”


Sony Seeking PS4 Feature Requests and Feedback on Existing Features

Toshimasa Aoki working on new PS4 features and Project Morpheus.

P.T. Ghost

P.T. on Project Morpheus is Something Shuhei Yoshida Wants to See

Remember how scary that Silent Hills demo, P.T., was? Now, imagine playingRead the full article…


Bloodborne Selling Out in Japan

Will it help sell PS4s in Japan?


Sony Plans to Demo Project Morpheus’ Wii U-Like Multiplayer at Events Later This Year

Project Morpheus sales only need reach the minimum install base for developers to get their money back.


Sony “Really Wants” People to Buy Project Morpheus and Use It Without Anyone Helping

They noticed people were having trouble last year putting it on.

Morpheus Header

Project Morpheus Launch Will Have “A Good Number of Games,” Thinks Shuhei Yoshida

It’s because they’re already in development.


Shuhei Yoshida: PSN is Attacked Every Day

Dealing with attackers is a “constant battle.”


Sony’s Yoshida Wants Project Morpheus Developers to be a “Bit More Aggressive” in Designing Long-Session Games

They want some of the good games for Oculus and Gear VR to be on Morpheus.


Sony Doesn’t Have Any Plans to Make Project Morpheus Wireless

Many of Sony’s studios are working on actual VR games right now.


Sony is “Not as Hardcore as the Oculus Guys” With Project Morpheus, Wants to Push the Standing Up Experience

Shuhei Yoshida says they want to offer Morpheus at “as low price as we can do.”

Chalice Dungeons Bloodborne

Shuhei Yoshida: Bloodborne Director Wants Players to ‘Feel Like They Might Die at Any Time’

Sounds like there’s going to be an interesting Bloodborne reveal on Friday morning.

Shuhei Yoshida

Shuhei Yoshida “Hates” Annualized Franchises, Thinks Marketing Teams and Game Devs Don’t See Eye to Eye

Marketing executives and game developers don’t always see eye to eye.


Project Morpheus Devs are “Hitting the Goldmine of Great Ideas,” Says Yoshida

“Developers are so excited about working on”


Shuhei Yoshida: SEGA More a “War Buddy” Than a Rival During PSOne Era

Andrew House also commented on the PlayStation division’s two “pillars.”

Driveclub Logo

Sony: No Time Frame for DriveClub to be Fixed, PlayStation Plus Edition Postponed “Until Further Notice”

Shuhei is the bearer of bad news.


Yoshida: Our Games “Need to Show Why Buying a PS4 is a Good Idea”

He exaggerates: The Last Guardian “development couldn’t be better.”