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unreleased Silent Hill game

Check Out 10 Minutes of the Unreleased PS3 Silent Hill Game

Watch what might have been.

Creators of Netflix’s Stranger Things Inspired by The Last of Us, Silent Hill and More

They love video games.

Norman Reedus Has Faith in a Kojima and del Toro Collaboration Following Silent Hills Cancellation

“We, the three of us, can do something else.”

Konami Will Continue to Develop for Consoles, Isn’t at a Stage to Discuss Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill’s Future

They apologize for the anxiety surrounding recent changes.

Fan Petition to Save Silent Hills Has Over 65,000 Signatures

Fans are offering to help raise funds for the game.

Silent Hills Cancellation Confirmed by Konami, Company Says They’ll Continue to Develop the Silent Hill Series

You have just a couple days to grab P.T.

Norman Reedus Discusses Silent Hills, Says Still “Haven’t Shot the Heavy Stuff Yet”

“I’m super excited to be a part of that”

PSOne Classics That Still Hold Up Today

These oldies still rock.

Fan Sets Guinness World Record for Largest Silent Hill Collection

You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Kojima Reavealed the Hidden Message Nobody Could Find in P.T.

There’s a lot more left to discovered in P.T.

P.T. Secret Swedish Radio Transmissions Translated, Points to Something Familiar

Read what’s hidden in P.T. and a familiar entity might just be back for Silent HIlls!

Konami Releases P.T. Reaction Video Featuring Older Japanese Women

Someone didn’t even flinch!

gamescom 2014: Kojima Will Not Compromise On the Horror Factor in Silent Hill

You’ll need an extra pair.

gamescom 2014: P.T. Stands for Playable Teaser, No Deep Meaning to It, Says Kojima

Kojima also talks why the “studio” is called 7780s in the teaser.

P.T. Demo is a Teaser for New Silent Hill Game by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro

Another legendary Kojima troll.

Daily Reaction: Two Top 10 Games Lists to Prepare for Halloween

One top 10 is for n00bs.

Hideo Kojima Wants to See Next Silent Hill Installment on FOX Engine

We do too.

Silent Hill HD Collection Delayed

Back in January, Konami announced that March would be the month forRead the full article…

New Silent Hill: Downpour Screens Will Drench You With Fear

You know how it goes. You’re cruising along, enjoying the scenery, andRead the full article…

Konami Makes Silent Hill Loud and Proud at Retail Come This March

Konami needs a lesson in releasing games. Not only is it planningRead the full article…