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SMITE RPG Adventure

SMITE and RPG Combine in New Adventure, Shadows​​ over ​​Hercopolis

This adventure is available right now!

hand of the gods loki giveaway

Hand of the Gods: SMITE Tactics Giveaway: Legendary Norse Leader Loki Card

Grab your free card!

smite update

New Smite Update Brings New Costumes, Bug Fixes, and More

Weird, cookie monster costumes.

Hi-Rez Apologizes for Game-Breaking Smite Console Patch

“This is solidly on us…”

SMITE Season 4 Changes Outlined, Celtic Goddess Revealed

Major changes are coming to SMITE.

Hi-Rez Expo 2017

SMITE Players Can Get Rewards by Watching Hi-Rez Expo 2017 on Twitch

Get an exclusive skin for Janus.

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Update Adds PS4 Pro Support, Smite Update Preps for It

Surprisingly, the Smite update also preps for 2017’s Project Scorpio.

Smite Patch

Smite Update 3.12 Is Live for PlayStation 4

That lobster skin is just fabulous.

SMITE Ultimate God Pack PS4 Giveaway

What kind of god are you?

All SMITE Gods to Be Free on PS4 This Week

Free for a week!

SMITE Review – Legends Battle (PS4)

This may be the only place you’ll see Zeus fight Loki.

Smite PS4 Release Date Announced, Watch the Launch Trailer Now

List of changes listed.

Smite Update 3.8 on PS4 Today Adds Trophies, Susano & More

There’s a Platinum!

Smite PS4 Patch Adds Susano, Character Adjustments and New Items

PC to PS4 account copy cutoff is tomorrow, May 18.

Smite PS4 Patch Heralds Optional 60fps Mode, Bug Fixing

Available to download tomorrow, April 12.

10 PS4 F2P Games You Need to Play

You’re Free-to-Enjoy this list!

Smite 60fps Update for PS4 & Xbox One Coming Soon

“You will need to lower your sensitivity though because it’s fast.”

SMITE 2016 Season Ticket and Bellona/Battle Maiden Giveaway!

Nab a code and enter for the 2016 Season Ticket giveaway!

Smite Open Beta Now Available on PS4

Get the Founder’s Pack at a big discount.

Smite PS4 Currently Locked at 30fps, Dev Talks Alpha Test

“If we see a chance for 60fps we will pursue it.”