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neo geo battle Colosseum 2

Rumor Surfaces That SNK May Be Working on Neo Geo Battle Colosseum 2

That’s an interesting series to bring out of the SNK vault.

samurai shodown v special release

Samurai Shodown V Special Hits the PlayStation 4 and Vita Tomorrow

SNK wants to teach you some of the mechanics that are in this fighting game.

snk fighting games

SNK Has “Many New Fighting Games” in Development, Reveals Yasuyuki Oda

He also talks about the future of King of Fighters.

Samurai Shodown V Special Is Coming to the PS4 and PS Vita

Live by the katana, die by the katana.

The King of Fighters XIV Update 2.00 Detailed, DLC Characters Now Live

Buy all four characters together in a bundle to save some money.

Whip Comes to The King of Fighters XIV Next Month for $5

Watch Whip’s debut trailer.

The King of Fighters XIV Getting New Content Including Free Stages and Characters

Starting February 23.

The King of Fighters XIV Update 1.10 Is Live on PS4, Upgrades Graphics (Update)

It’s a 3.7GB download.

Compare The King of Fighters XIV’s Updated Graphics

It now looks as good as it plays.

The King of Fighters XIV Demo Version 2 Out Now, Previews Update 1.10

Offers seven playable characters.

The King of Fighters XIV Free DLC Out Today Alongside Patch 1.10 Details

Grab it now for free, you’ll have to pay later!

The King of Fighters XIV Update 1.10 Heralds Graphics Boost

Newest version playable at PSX this coming weekend.

Red Faction, Samurai Shodown VI Are the Latest PS2 Games on PS4

Red Faction will probably get taken down.

The King of Fighters history

The King of Fighters Returns – Mapping Out The Series’ PlayStation History

It’s been a long road, but The King of Fighters is back.

The King of Fighters XIV Review

King of Fighters XIV Review – A Royal Return (PS4)

The King is back!

King of Fighters XIV Day-One Patch Will Include Online and Balance Tweaks

It’ll also add PS3 controller support.

The King of Fighters XIV Street Date Broken in Americas

SNK’s asking people to be considerate.

The King of Fighters Dev Wants to Revisit Its Classic IPs Including Samurai Shodown and Metal Slug

SNK also wants to work on a new IP.

Metal Slug Anthology Is the Next PS2 Game Coming to PS4, Releases on July 5

Only confirmed for North America so far.