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Gran Turismo Sport Isn’t Gran Turismo 7, Says SCEE CEO

“Is it a Prologue? No, I think it’ll be more than that.”

SCE UK Boss Fergal Gara Resigns to “Pursue a New Professional Venture”

“We are extremely grateful for his dedication and for the legacy that he leaves.”

SCEE CEO Uncertain If The Last Guardian Will Be a Success

Thinks Final Fantasy VII and Shenmue 3 will do well.

Sony Responds to the BBC Watchdog Digital Refund Investigation

“We take the safety and security of our customers’ accounts very seriously”

BBC Watchdog Looks at PlayStation Store’s Refund Policy, Episode to Be Shown Tonight

Maybe this will cause Sony to rethink some things.

The Order: 1886 Ending Includes a Mid Credits Scene

Don’t miss it.

New The Order: 1886 Screenshots Revealed, are Absolutely Beautiful


Sony Europe Teams Up With UK Government to Fund Future Game Developers

Ubisoft Reflections and others join as well.

“The Hungry Horde” Trademark Filed by Sony In Europe

You hungry, bro?

Gara Talks Vita: We Haven’t “Hit the Spot With the Killer Software Just Yet,” But That’ll Change Soon

Things aren’t looking so hot…

Sony and Namco to Help Man Mugged in London Riots

By now most of you have probably seen footage of the riotsRead the full article…

Andrew House Talks Up the PS3’s “10+ Year” Lifecycle

Andrew House  is due to become the next President and Group CEORead the full article…

Exclusive Augmented Reality Developer Partners With Sony

Sony tends to know good things when they see them, and soRead the full article…

Andrew House Nabs Top Job at PlayStation, Hirai Gets One Step Closer to Top Job at Sony

Effective starting September 1st, current CEO and co-COO of SCE Europe Andrew House will take a step up to the position of group president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment International.

Sorcery is Still in Development Says Sony

Sony Computer Entertainment UK PR exec Hugo Bustillos has confirmed the game is still in development.

Bundle up With Uncharted Collection This July, Get Extra Goodies

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe have confirmed that the Uncharted Collection will be releasing next month on the PlayStation 3.

Sony Shows Ambition, Aims Beyond 10-Year PS3 Lifecycle

The PlayStation 3 has been a major point of controversy since itsRead the full article…

Hustle Kings Vita – E3 Preview

Hustle Kings is no stranger to the PlayStation 3, having released inRead the full article…

Everybody Dance Fact Sheet and Screens Released

Everybody loves to dance! Sony noticed the success of Just Dance andRead the full article…

View the Past with White Knight Chronicles: Origins Launch Trailer

With it’s release date in Europe right around the corner, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has released the launch trailer for White Knight Chronicles: Origins.