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Deracine Release Date

Déraciné Will Tell PSVR Owners a Story in November 2018

Become a faerie in VR this fall.

deracine game story

In Déraciné, Players Are an Unseen Faerie Experiencing the Story

Help solve a fragmented story.

Patapon Remastered Review – Fever! (PS4)


The Last Guardian Info, Gameplay, 2016 Release Discussed in Edge

Do I need to play The First Guardian before this?

Shuhei Yoshida Talks VR, Gravity Rush, Vita, and More at Tokyo Game Show

A discussion with Yoshida about all kinds of stuff.

TGS 2015: Hot Shots Golf PS4 Announced, Coming Next Year

Coming next year!

Bloodborne Sale Happening Today and Throughout the Weekend for EU PSN Store

Definitely worth the money.

Bloodborne Glitch Lets You Play the Game From a Top-Down Perspective

It’s just like old school Grand heft Auto!

Gamer Academy- Bloodborne Guide: Surviving in Yharnam

We’ll help you survive this nightmare.

Everything Wrong With Bloodborne

There will be blood!

Now Loading…Bloodborne Difficulty and Super Hard Games, What Do You Make of Them?

Will super hard games ever be accepted by the gaming mainstream? We weigh in.

Bloodborne Trailer Brings the Accolades, Hammers Home How Great It Is

Let the hunt begin!

Bloodborne Tips Outlined Might Help You Live Just a Bit Longer, Deaths Still Imminent

24 tips to help you last just a wee bit longer.

Bloodborne – Everything You Need to Know

Multiplayer, Chalice Dungeon, teaser packages and more await you!

Check Out the Contents of Sony’s Bloodborne “Teaser” Package

Four items in total…

Bloodborne Remote Play Re-Mapping and Touchpad Uses Revealed

L2, R2 and R3 re-mapped on the Vita.

PlayStation Experience – New Bloodborne Gameplay Video Unveiled, Shows Fiery Boss

Watch the gigantic dog!

Bloodborne to Have Variations of Time and Weather In-Game, But Won’t be in Real-Time

Wipe out enemies in both day and night.

Bloodborne Frame Rate Targeting 30fps Since It’s “the Best” for Action Games, Claims Producer (Update)

It’s an action game and not a first-person shooter…

Bloodborne Alpha Coming Back for One More Day, Will Include Co-Op

Those in the alpha, watch out this weekend!