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Bloodborne Expansion Coming, Says Yoshida

Asked about DLC, Yoshida says “an expansion is coming.”

Sony Trademarks PS Vita 3000 Model in Japan?

L2/R2? SD cards? Let the probably incorrect speculation begin.

Sony Creates Pink Vita “For Women”

Sony says a pink system is great for women.

Sony Japan Holding a Press Conference for PlayStation on September 1

Latest PlayStation information to be announced.

Freedom Wars Review – Unfinished Business (Vita Import)

So many good things that feel incomplete.

Deep Down Beta Details Coming Soon

Deep Down is still hiding deep, but not for long.

Kataoka: Sony’s First Impression of Tokyo Jungle Concept was Negative

Gee, I wonder why?

The Last Guardian Having “Certain Technical Issues,” But Still in Development for PS3

It’ll make it to the PS3… eventually.

Puppeteer Unveiled by Sony’s Japan Studio, Delivers a Charming and Twisted Tale

A beautiful 2D platformer? Count me in!

Sony’s Plan: Re-Purchase UMDs at Discount for PS Vita

Back a few months ago, Sony revealed that it was looking intoRead the full article…

Bend the Rules in Gravity Rush gamescom Media

The gamescom media train is making its rounds and the latest game to step off the train is Gravity Rush, formerly known as Gravity Daze, which has received a trailer and screenshots for the event.

PSN Review – PlayStation Move Ape Escape

The first Ape Escape game was released on the original PlayStation, andRead the full article…

Japanese System Sales Show Sony Standing Strong, Selling Steadily

Fueled by software appealing to the Japanese public, Sony systems were ableRead the full article…

The Most Beautiful Game of All Time Gets New Screens

Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is now showing brand new screens of TokyoRead the full article…

No Trophies For PSP Remaster Series Games

Monster Hunter Portable fans everywhere were most likely elated to hear toRead the full article…

I Can’t Lie, Tokyo Jungle Looks Horrible

Rock and roll legends Guns-n-Roses once screamed, “Do you know where youRead the full article…

Japan’s PlayStation Store Out-Classics North America

In fact Sony has announced that over on the Japanese Store, there are over 600 titles in the games archive.

PSN Review – echochrome ii

As the followup to one of the most beautiful and innovative titles on the PSN, echochrome ii takes puzzle solving to a new level with the inclusion of the PlayStation Move. Is Japan Studio’s latest brain-teasing title worth the trouble?

echochrome ii Hits on the Winter Solstice

echochrome was one of the PlayStation Network’s most original titles, and its sequel that was announced at E3 this year looks to innovate just as much. And it looks like it’ll hit just before the end of the year.

Echochrome II Footage Shines Light on Gameplay Details

SCE Japan Studios is looking to stretch your mind, and expand yourRead the full article…