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Sony Offering Free LocoRoco Remastered PS4 Theme, Director Talks the Original Pitch

The first pitch was actually rejected.

Shuhei Yoshida Helps Unbox The Last Guardian Collector’s Edition

Fumito Ueda sends out a message to media in the press kit.

The Last Guardian Reviews Will Begin Appearing on December 5

Stores have already begun receiving their copies.

The Last Guardian Gets a CG Trailer Featuring Trico and The Boy

Ueda talks about realizing the full initial vision for The Last Guardian.

The Last Guardian Collector’s Edition Includes an Art Book, Statue of Trico and the Boy

It’ll cost you $120 though.

The Last Guardian, Leaks, and the Guilt of Almost Killing a Giant

The Project Trico leak no longer haunts PlayStation LifeStyle.

E3 2015 – The Last Guardian Preview: Beast Mode Re-Activated

The first real look at one of the most elusive and anticipated titles in all of gaming.