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Rocket League, MLB 15 The Show Recognized in AbleGamers’ Accessibility Awards

Psyonix wants to expand accessibility options in Rocket League moving forward.


Guns Up! Has More Than 200,000 Players, Update 2.03 Coming Soon

Took less than two weeks.

Guns Up

Guns Up! Review – Tactical Troopers (PS4)

Is that an assault rifle in your pocket?


GUNS UP Already Has Over 20,000 Players

Not bad at all..


Kill Strain Private Access Code Giveaway Round 2!

3,000 keys!

Kill Strain

Kill Strain Private Access Code Giveaway

Go get one before it’s all gone!

ks post

Here’s a Kill Strain PS4 Tutorial in 60 Seconds

If you don’t watch you’ll be turned into a mutant!


Guns Up! Preview in 60 Seconds

Bang, bang, bang!


Kill Strain and Guns Up! Private Access Keys Giveaway Now Live

Private access to TWO PS4 games!

Kill Strain

Kill Strain Preview – Duck, Duck, MUTANT! (PS4)

Avoid the Strain or embrace it.

Kill Strain

Kill Strain Live-Stream Happening Tonight on Twitch

Tune in to the Sony San Diego Studio stream at 7:00 PM PST.


MLB 15 The Show Simulation Picks Home Run Derby, All-Star Game Winners

The hometown favorite is picked to win the Derby.

kill strain

Sony San Diego: Kill Strain Beta in North America is “Incredibly Imminent”

Devs trying to achieve 1080p, 60fps.


MLB 15 The Show Update on PS4 & PS3 Today Fixes Crashes, Tweaks Gameplay

Intentional walk exploit fixed.


MLB 15 The Show Update Today on PS4 & PS3 Fixes a Number of Issues, Including Crashing

Andrew McCutchen’s hair has been adjusted!


MLB 15 The Show Gets a Launch Trailer, Video Details Year-to-Year Saves

Fan feedback is keeping MLB 14 The Show servers on past June 2015.


MLB 15 The Show Video Details Universal Rewards, Legends

Play certain game modes, get items.


MLB 15 The Show 10th Anniversary Edition on PS4 Detailed, Includes $130 in DLC

Canada gets Russell Martin as the cover athlete.


MLB 15 The Show Features & Improvements on PS4, PS3 & PS Vita Detailed

PS4 version is the only one with improvements to graphics and presentation.

kill strain

PlayStation Experience – Sony San Diego Announces Kill Strain, a Top-Down Multiplayer Game

Highly competitive!