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Cory Barlog

Dev Spotlight: Cory Barlog

The man, the myth, the legend behind the God of War.

god of war boss fight

Look Behind the Scenes at God of War’s First Boss

Wasn’t this fight the best?

God of War text size patch

Upcoming God of War Patch Includes Another Text-Size Fix

Something also about a Photo Mode. People want that, right?

God of War Review – Shattered Chains of the Past (PS4)

It’s finally time to unleash Hel!

god of war gameplay ps4

Watch Kratos Take on a Troll in This New God of War Footage

Fight a troll, then go find new beasts.

Learn About the God of War Leviathan Axe

Learn All About God of War’s Leviathan Axe in New Trailer

Kratos has a new toy.

God of War gameplay

Watch Four Minutes of Intense God of War Gameplay

Kratos shows why he’s earned the title God of War.

god of war podcast

Latest Episode of God of War Podcast Explores the First Great War

Learn more about the First Great War!

New God of War Trailer Goes In-Depth on Kratos Motion Capture

New God of War Trailer Goes In-Depth on Kratos Motion Capture

Learn to fight like Kratos.

god of war no season pass

God of War Director Talks Single-Player Games, ‘I Hope We Never Lose That’

He wants to deliver whole experiences.

god of war reboot

God of War Reboot Doesn’t Make Sense Says Director, ‘Why Would You Ever Throw That Away?’

“Why would you ever throw that away?”

god of war kratos

God of War Director on Kratos: ‘He is Part Villain, Part Good Guy’

Barlog knows that some fans are scared of the character’s growth.

god of war atreus

God of War Director Talks About the Similarities Between Atreus and Kratos

“[Kratos sees] what ruined his life manifesting in his kid.”

God of War Secrets Hidden Everywhere in PS4 Game

God of War Features ‘Secrets and References Hidden Everywhere’

“That’s the fun part about making games.”

god of war atreus

Latest God of War Trailer Stars Atreus, Goes Into His Design

Is the boy ready?

cory barlog tomb raider

God of War Director Cory Barlog Originally Pitched a One-Shot Camera for Tomb Raider

“There was just a lot more creative support and faith with Sony.”

god of war gold

God of War Has Gone Gold Ahead of Next Month’s Release

A huge milestone.

god of war photo mode

God of War Photo Mode Being Considered, Would Arrive in Future Update

“I think we need to do something really cool.”

god of war gameplay

God of War Doesn’t Feature Any Loading Screens

It’s a single shot.

god of war norse humor

God of War Director Cory Barlog Talks Norse Mythology’s Dark Sense of Humor

“You can’t just be serious all the time.”