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God of War gameplay

God of War Takes Over Basketball Court to Showcase Kratos and Atreus’ Adventure

Draugr, Helwalkers, and other beasts!

god of war release date

God of War Will Feature Optional Bosses for the First Time

Will you fight, or not?

God of War gameplay

New Details About God of War Gameplay and Development Revealed, Check Out Some Fresh Screenshots

We learn why the team decided to change the tone of the game.

E3 2017 – God of War Preview – More Than Just Vengeance (PS4)

Even Kratos participates in “bring your kid to work” day!

Sony Santa Monica Explains Why Kratos Isn’t Using the Blades of Chaos in God of War PS4

Looks like it won’t be back.

Bound review

PS4 Pro Support Coming to Bound

“Will consist of additional effects and almost twice as many pixels rendered.”

Here They Lie Review – Waking Nightmare (PSVR)

Tick tock – it’s 12 o’clock.

Here They Lie Trailer Preps You For October 13 Launch on PlayStation VR

Europe gets a retail version on November 2.

E3 2016 – God of War Preview: Closer to Kratos

The softer (and colder) side of Kratos.

E3 2016 – God of War for PS4 Is Set After God of War 3, Norse Mythology Confirmed

It isn’t coming out this year, Sony Santa Monica confirms.

Sony Santa Monica’s New Year’s Message Thanks External Development Team and Creative Partners

Over 45 titles in 15 years.

God of War III Remastered on PS4 Compared to Original PS3 Version in New Video

God of War III Remastered not only looks better, but it also plays better.

God of War III Remastered Review – Sacrilegious Brutality (PS4)

In the end, there will only be OUR REVIEW!

Hohokum Review – Colorful Hide and Seek (PS4/PS3/Vita)

A vast, vibrant playground for the right brain. Is Hohokum the right game for you? Review by D’yani.

Sony Santa Monica Moves to New Studio, “Next Great Game” Will be Created There

New game is headed to PlayStation 4.