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playstation ego

SIE President Shawn Layden Pumps Playstation’s Ego Up

Sony’s ego right now is literally too big to contain.

ps4 games lineup

PS4 Games Lineup Is the Best and the Broadest, Says Michael Denny

The proof is in the pudding, as they say.

playstation e3 2018

Sony’s E3 Conference a Response to “Shallow” Conferences of the Past

From the start of the PlayStation E3 2018 briefing, it was clearRead the full article…

playstation ips

Sony Will “Always Back” Creating New IPs and Genres, Says Senior VP of SIE Worldwide Studios

It’s what fans want, says Michael Denny.

Patapon Remastered Review – Fever! (PS4)


Shuhei Yoshida Talks VR, Gravity Rush, Vita, and More at Tokyo Game Show

A discussion with Yoshida about all kinds of stuff.

Microsoft Probably Cheering for PS4 to Hit Home Run in Japan, Could Pull Out of Market

Keep your friends close…

Sony Going Back To Its Roots

It’s important to not only have a powerful gaming console, but toRead the full article…

Unannounced PSP Games on the Horizon

There is no denying that the PSP has seen some major supportRead the full article…

Sony: New PS3 Games Coming from Japan in 2010

With the majority of Sony’s first-party PS3 line-up coming from Eastern developersRead the full article…

Naughty Dog Releases Uncharted’s Source Code, Free of Charge

Naughty Dog has never been prone to keeping secrets, even during theirRead the full article…

The Tech Behind God of War 3

To watch God of War 3 in motion is to understand whyRead the full article…

Shuhei Yoshida Gives Insight on the PS3 Motion Controller

SCE Worldwide Studio’s Shuhei Yoshida recently sat down with CVG to discussRead the full article…

SCE Boss Talks Project Trico Leak

As you may well know, PlayStation LifeStyle leaked the first trailer ofRead the full article…

Atari Gives Phil Harrison The Boot

One surprising move begets another. [shal]Atari[/shal]┬ámade headlines last year when it managedRead the full article…

Sony’s Worldwide Studios Boss Calls It Quits

Jamie MacDonald,┬áSony’s World Wide Studios VP and London Studio boss will noRead the full article…