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Dreams story mode revealed

Sony Walks Us Through the Dreams Story Mode

Feels like a very cool, dream.

PlayStation VR Price Drop

Sony’s Days of Play Event Kicks Off: PlayStation VR for $199, Bundles at $249

I just love the words ‘discount’ and ‘cheap’ don’t you?

Sony E3 2018 trailer teases us

E3 2018: Sony Gives Us A Tasty E3 Show Teaser Trailer

We’re all suitably teased and ready for E3!

next console generation

Ubisoft CEO Believes the Next Console Generation Will Be the Last

Will the PS5 be Sony’s console swansong?

Wreck It Ralph Gran Turismo

Gran Turismo Reference Spotted in Wreck-It Ralph 2 Trailer

How did Sony’s classic racer make it into a Disney movie named after infamous nudes?

PlayStation Plus Free Games June 2018

PlayStation Plus Games for June 2018 Now Available to Download

Nice little bunch this month!

playstation e3 2018

Sony Teases New Game Announcements Leading up to E3 Showcase

New game almost every day.

Sony E3 2018

Now Loading: A Look At The Best Possible Sony Reveal This E3

Suikoden VI!

God of war sales

God of War Retains Its Crown in May’s UK Retail Charts, Detroit: Become Human Off to a Good Start

Sony remains the top publisher.

Dreams gameplay walkthrough looks great

Dreams Gameplay Walkthrough Reveals How You Dream and Create

Dream, dream, dream.

Sonys secret ps4 project possibly in the making

Former Naughty Dog Dev Now Senior Game Designer on Secret PS4 Project

Yeah, yeah, just give me Horizon 2 already.

Spider-Man Full Motion Ad Catches the Eye in Los Angeles

Spidey ready to cause traffic jams.

VR Growth is Below Expectation

Sony Says VR Market Growth Was ‘Below Expectations’

VR games still not catching on.

PSN User Base now over 80 million

PSN User Base Surpasses 80 Million, Sony Confirms

They say I am one in 80 million…

detroit become human launch trailer

Developer Quantic Dream and Sony Releases Detroit: Become Human’s Launch Trailer

I can;t wait to become human by playing this game! *beep boop*

Sony AMD Ryzen PlayStation 5 PS5

Sony Working With AMD Ryzen Tech, Could Be Basis for PlayStation 5 Architecture

Just a couple years before expected release, we’re already talking about possible PS5 specs.

ps4 life cycle

Sony CEO Says PS4 in Final Phase of Life Cycle

Ya know, a long life cycle would be nice.

PlayStation in Concert

Music From PlayStation Games Will Echo at the Royal Albert Hall

Whistling the theme from The Last of Us already.

PS4 hardware sales

Rumor: PS4 Dominating NPD Hardware Sales, Outselling All Else

Shhh… someone’s whispering: PS4 rules!