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PS3 Review – Splatterhouse

Well with the game on store shelves that is sadly farthest from the truth and a game that could have been a sleeper hit for its violence and story ends up being doomed to bargain bins everywhere.


PlayStation Release Horizon – Week of November 22, 2010

Get ready for a monstrous week. Although there are slim pickings inRead the full article…


Splatterhouse Screens Shock and Awe

New set of screens showing off gruesome splatter kills.

Abominations to Invade Splatterhouse This November

Are you a fan of gory games? Do you get excited when slaughtering limitless waves of minions with a wide variety of weapons? If so, Splatterhouse might be just the game for you, and you’re in luck as a release date has been announced.

Blood and Guts Imbue Latest Splatterhouse Gameplay Images

A full set of Splatterhouse screenshots have surfaced on the web, andRead the full article…

Splatterhouse’s Soundtrack List Unleashed

The remake of early NES game, Splatterhouse, from publisher Namco Bandai, will allowRead the full article…

Splatterhouse Lives up to Its Name in gamescom Trailer

Splatterhouse is an update of the original gory-filled arcade beat-’em-up released inRead the full article…

PS3 Preview – Splatterhouse

It’s been a long, hard development cycle for Namco-Bandai’s Splatterhouse, the publisher’sRead the full article…

Splatterhouse E3 Impressions

Splatterhouse first made its debut in 1988 in arcades. It was soonRead the full article…