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Forgotton Anne Review – Staircase to Heaven (PS4)

From the outside, Forgotton Anne looks like an adorable adventure due to its anime-esque art style. Is it all style over substance though?

forgotton anne release date

2D Animated Adventure Game Forgotton Anne Gets Release Date

Find your way home from a strange world.

fear effect sedna release

Fear Effect Sedna Comes With a Platinum Trophy, Out March 6

25 trophies in total.

Oh My Godheads release

Square Enix Collective Title Oh My Godheads Releases Today

Is this the power of the Godhead?

re legend kickstarter campaign

Re:Legend Kickstarter Campaign Successfully Concludes After Hitting All Stretch Goals

Magnus outlines what’s next.

Fear Effect Remake

Fear Effect Remake Coming to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch & PC in 2018

It’s Fear Effect Reinvented.


Re:Legend Interview – Magnus Games Talks Art Style, Music, & More

“The game that influenced us the most would be Digimon World.”

re legend ps4

Co-Op Monster-Raising RPG Re:Legend 400% Funded, Meets PS4 Stretch Goal

It’s part of Square Enix Collective.

Children of Zodiarcs Review – Multi-Layered Strategy (PS4)

Think you can manage grid-based tactics with deck building AND dice rolling?

Kickstarter Game Children of Zodiarcs Coming to PS4 in July

A trio of experiences.

Square Enix to Publish WW2 Shooter Battalion 1944


The Turing Test Launches on January 23 for PS4

Get ready to go to Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

2D Cinematic Adventure Game Forgotton Anne Announced for PS4, Xbox One & PC

Square Enix Collective is publishing.

Fear Effect Sedna Kickstarter Launched, Could Come to PS4 ‘If There’s Enough Support’

Sushee is seeking €100,000.