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Dragon Quest XI Confirmed for 2018 Western Release

It has a new name.


Watch Dragon Quest XI Being Played on Vita (Remote Play)

The magic of remote play!

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Dragon Quest XI Staff Discuss Using Unreal Engine

They also discussed not wanting to create “useless characters.”


Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Beta Test Starts on August 3 for Season Pass Owners

Square Enix details what’s in both the beta and full versions.

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I Am Setsuna Follow-Up Lost Sphear Releasing in the West on January 23, 2018

Americas and Europe get it on the same day.

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III Team Still Debating Whether to Include Sephiroth

They’re worried it might be redundant at this point.

Life Is Strange Before The Storm (8)

Rhianna Devries Discusses Playing Chloe in Life is Strange: Before the Storm

“There’s something so relatable about Chloe.”


Black The Fall Review – Stuck in the Dark (PS4)

Just when you thought it was safe to emerge from the darkness…


Final Fantasy VII Remake Director: “It Is Unlikely We’ll Share Information for a While”

There will be less Disney worlds in Kingdom Hearts III than in Kingdom Hearts II.


The Toy Story World in Kingdom Hearts III Is “Completely Original”

All of the worlds in KHIII will probably be revealed ahead of launch.

Kingdom Hearts III

Tetsuya Nomura Says Kingdom Hearts III Development Delays Were Beyond His Control

It hurts him when people blame him for the delays.


Here’s How to Register for the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Beta

Find out how to register!

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Kingdom Hearts III Will Have Another Playable Character, Gummi Ship Will Return

They can’t disclose who’s joining Sora yet.

Kingdom Hearts III Toy Story

Pixar’s Toy Story Will Be Part of Kingdom Hearts III, Release Window Finally Announced

To infinity and beyond in 2018!


Final Fantasy XIV DDoS Attacks Could Occur Again But Square Enix Is Deploying Preventative Measures

The attackers are targeting FFXIV in different ways.


Final Fantasy XV July Update Will Add the Magitek Exosuit

It was delayed because of the Power Rangers similarities.

MotoGP 17 review

MotoGP 17 Review – Tight Corners (PS4)

Green flag.

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“Special” Kingdom Hearts III News Coming on July 15

And it will be livestreamed!


Final Fantasy XII PS4 vs PS2 Comparison Videos Show off the Remaster’s Improvements

PS4 version is at 1080p, PS4 Pro is at 1440p.