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ffxiv expansion

Final Fantasy XIV Devs Currently Working on the Game’s Next Expansion

They have plans for the next two years laid out.

Final Fantasy XV update

The Last Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report Will Air Next Week, Include Surprises

Information on a ton of stuff.

Square Enix Hitman

Square Enix CEO Talks Hitman, Why IO Interactive Has the IP

“I believe it wouldn’t be Hitman unless it was Hitman made by IO.”

secret of mana remake gameplay

Watch Five Minutes of Secret of Mana Remake Gameplay

It’s not from the opening moments.

The Latest Update for Final Fantasy XII Adds the Sky Pirate’s Den Back Into the Game

Free theme available as well!

final fantasy xiv update 4.15

The Latest Update to Final Fantasy XIV Adds a New PvP Mode, Out Now

Get your tower destruction on

monster of the deep review

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV Review – Fishing With Friends (PSVR)

Cast your line.

monster of the deep trailer

Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV Preview – Fishing Made Fun (PSVR)

I went on a fishing date with Noctis.

final fantasy xv comrades

Restore the Light in the Final Fantasy XV Comrades Expansion, Out Now on the PS4

Restore the light!

Square Enix Hitman

IO Interactive CEO Details Reasoning for Buyout, Speaks on Being Independent in New Interview

Studio is ready for independent challenge.

Tekken 7 Noctis DLC

Final Fantasy XV’s Noctis is Coming to Tekken 7

This is wild!

Final Fantasy XV Update 1.18

Final Fantasy XV Update 1.18 Live, Read the Patch Notes

New bug fixes & more!

final fantasy 14 patch

Get a Preview of Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.15

Bards will get Performance Actions!

golbez dissidia

Golbez Confirmed as Playable in Dissdia Final Fantasy NT

Coming in November update to arcades

NieR Automata Arranged and Unreleased Tracks

NieR Series Producer Discusses the Future of the Series in New Interview

In the planning stages already?

final fantasy xv comrades

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Expansion Releasing In Two Weeks on PS4

Western release info likely coming soon.


Square Enix is Cracking Down on Real Money Trading Accounts

Square is taking a banhammer to those that are ruining the economy.

Secret of Mana Physical Release

Watch the Secret of Mana Remake’s Opening Movie

Are you excited for this slice of nostalgia?

Buying Real Snacks Will Get You In-Game Final Fantasy XIV Honey Buns

It’s a tasty treat!