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Watch the 1TB Final Fantasy XV PS4 Bundle Get Unboxed

Deluxe Edition of the game also gets unboxed.


Scrapped Pitch for Sleeping Dogs 2 Tease the Open World Sequel That Never Came to Be

Wei Shen would have returned for this most ambitious follow-up.


Final Fantasy XV Review Embargo Lifts Next Week, Square Enix Talks Leveling Up

Don’t die before you camp.


Final Fantasy XV Day One Update Detailed, Game Director Warns of Spoilers

Get caught up on everything FFXV in the new 101 trailer.


Hitman is a Sales Success, Says IO Interactive

IOI is “pretty happy” with it.


Check Out Final Fantasy XV’s New Soundtrack Samples, Info on Unique Skills and More

FFXV has apparently leaked in Peru.


Final Fantasy XV Update 1.01 Is Reportedly 7GB, Details Coming Next Week

The update includes “further enhancements and upgrades.”

Final Fantasy XV DLC

Final Fantasy XV Video Compares PS4 Pro 4K to 1080p Gameplay

All thanks to the Final Fantasy XV: Judgement Disc demo.

NieR Automata length

NieR: Automata Will Be Optimized for PS4 Pro, Says Producer

Dev is aiming for “4K quality graphics.”

Final Fantasy XV PS4

Final Fantasy XV Features Two Display Modes on PS4 Pro

I got two versions. I got twooo versions.

Final Fantasy XV map size

Check Out Two of Final Fantasy XV’s Guest Party Members

Plus news on a Japan-only demo!


Rise of the Tomb Raider Update 1.05 Nixes Trophy Bug

58.20MB in size.

Kingdom Hearts III 555x328 03

New Kingdom Hearts III Story Details Revealed

Thanks to Play Arts Kai Sora action figure box.


IO Interactive Confirms That Hitman Season Two Is Happening

Confirmed at Paris Games Week.


Hitman PS4 Pro Version Offers Reduced Aliasing, Improved Reflective Surfaces and More

You don’t need 4K to benefit from the improved resolution.


New Rise of the Tomb Raider Tech Video Details PS4 Pro Version

Best viewed on a 4K device.


Report: Shadow of the Tomb Raider Is the Name of the Next Tomb Raider

Eidos Montreal appears to be leading development.


Big New Hitman Update Arrives Alongside Episode 6: Hokkaido Today

Watch the Season Finale trailer.

Final Fantasy XV Daemons

Final Fantasy XV Features Powerful Night Monsters Called Daemons

You better flee!