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Square Enix Talks Final Fantasy XV Battle Modes, Warp Points & the Big City of Altissia

“I can tell everyone a little about Altissia at this time.”


You Can Actually Play Jenga With Shipping Crates in Just Cause 3

It works quite well!


Cloud Gaming Service Shinra to Be Shut Down, Square Enix Confirms

No, not that Shinra.


Just Cause 3’s Sky Fortress Expansion Almost Complete, Next Patch Expected Later This Month

“We’re doing everything we can to get to the bottom of all the issues that are reported to us.”


Final Fantasy XV “At Its Truest” Will Be Shown During the Release Date Announcement in March

Game Director compares storytelling to The Last of Us.


Game Director Reaffirms Final Fantasy XV 2016 Release Window in New Year’s Message

The final phase of development will focus on effort and willpower.


World of Final Fantasy Images Show Summons, Battle, Magitek Armor, Stuff

Hopefully it plays Terra’s theme while you ride that thing.


Crystal Dynamics Explains Why Lara Dies Such Gruesome Deaths in Rise of the Tomb Raider

Franchise Creative Director isn’t sure a potential sequel needs to have bigger hubs.


This Dragon Quest Builders Commercial is Kind of Horrifying

Square Enix said it would make you cry, but I don’t think so.

cloud remake2

Final Fantasy VII Remake to Be Fully Voiced, Square Enix Wants to Include Fan-Favorite Mini-Games

We might not receive more information until World of Final Fantasy is released.


Check Out Star Ocean 5’s Jump Festa 2016 Trailer

Shows a little bit of story and gameplay.


Video: Dragon Quest Builders Gameplay Demonstration at Jump Festa

They build a theme park.


See More World of Final Fantasy in Jump Festa Trailer

Featuring chibi Cloud.


New Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue and Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Released

Square delivered on its promise.


Final Fantasy XV Summer 2016 Release Potentially Considered by Square Enix, Next Active Time Report in January

We’ll learn more about the March special event next month.


Final Fantasy XIV Patch 3.15 Brings Some Festive Cheer Along With Anima Weapons

Anima Weapons are now available!


PSN Store Weekly Deals Top Picks – December 15 – December 22 2015

And so begins week 2 of PlayStation’s holiday sale!


Just Cause 3 Update 1.02 Is Live Starting Today on PS4, Coming Soon to PC & Xbox One

North American PS4 users will have to wait a little longer.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Development Going Well, Scenario of the First Part Is Complete

Kingdom Hearts team is helping with Unreal Engine 4.

Star Ocean 5 Screen

New Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness Gameplay Footage Released

Shows Private Actions and more.