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EA Clarifies Online Pass Situation For SSX

SSX doesn’t have the usual type of online pass.

Five Genres That Have Been Lacking This Generation

Every gaming generation has its trends, some better than others. This generation’sRead the full article…

SSX Could Be Hitting the Slopes on a Vita

SSX is currently on schedule to release on the PlayStation 3 andRead the full article…

Explore in SSX’s Multiplayer and Compete Globally

The new SSX game is improving upon everything that’s made the seriesRead the full article…

EA Getting Major Air with SSX Demo Plans

SSX producer Sean Smillie revealed that EA is planning a demo for the game that will release right before its release date.

Mt. Fuji Stage to be Exclusive to PS3 Version of SSX

EA consistently delivers awesome experience after awesome experience on the PS3, andRead the full article…

First SSX Gameplay Trailer Released, Looks Impressive

Following SSX: Deadly Descents‘ original reveal trailer, fans of SSX haven’t beenRead the full article…

Get Ready for an Avalanche of SSX Details

The announcement of SSX: Deadly Descents at last year’s Video Game Awards had fans giddy with delight. But will the franchise succeed in today’s generation?