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star wars battlefront 2 ps4 theme

New Star Wars Battlefront II Theme Out Now, Artist Talks Process Behind it

Lots of inspiration!

Star Wars battlefront 2 update 1.05 patch notes

Read the Star Wars Battlefront II Update 1.05 Patch Notes

New heroes and more!

star wars battlefront 2 sales

NPD Reveals Star Wars Battlefront II’s Physical Sales in the US Were “Disappointing” During November

Call of Duty: WWII unsurprisingly shines.

battlefront 2 the last jedi dlc

Star Wars: The Last Jedi DLC Launches for Battlefront II Next Week

New maps, challenges, and characters.

EA Hasn’t Decided if Microtransactions Will Return to Star Wars Battlefront II

It’s the first time there’s been indication that they may not come back.

US Lawmaker Begins Drafting Anti-Loot Box Laws, Aims to Ban Sales of Predatory Games to Those Under 21

He is targeting gambling mechanics in games.

Star Wars Battlefront II Microtransactions Debate Has Been “Learning Experience” for EA

Do you believe them?

Star Wars battlefront 2 update 1.05 patch notes

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update Increases End of Match Credit Rewards

The arcade mode cap has been increased as well.

pegi loot boxes

Danish Gambling Authority Creates Criteria to Determine If a Loot Box Is Gambling

Star Wars Battlefront II does not fall into the category.

Star Wars battlefront 2 update 1.05 patch notes

View the Star Wars Battlefront II Update 1.04 Patch Notes

Lots of changes!

god of war psx 2017 trailer

God of War Director Chimes in on EA Linear Games Debate

The facepalm says it all.

EA Stock is Down More Than $3 Billion in Shareholder Value After Battlefront II Controversy

Other publisher stocks are up this month.

battlefront 2 loot boxes

Battlefront II Cosmetic DLC is Possible as Long as it Stays Faithful to Star Wars

Working with an IP is tough.

battlefront 2 credits

Star Wars Battlefront II Players Resort to Cheating to Earn In-Game Credits

The credit system is a mess at the moment.

Financial Analyst Says Outrage Over Video Game Microtransactions Isn’t Justified, Gamers are Undercharged

Says that games are one of the cheapest per-hour forms of entertainment.

star wars battlefront 2 sales

Japanese Sales Chart: Pokémon is Still Huge, Star Wars Not So Much

View the full list!

battlefront 2 loot boxes

The State of Hawaii Announces They Are Investigating EA for Predatory Practices

Everyone wants in on the investigation.

8 Great Games Where You Play as the Villain

Because sometimes it’s good to be bad.

Star Wars battlefront 2 update 1.05 patch notes

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Update 1.03 Fixes A Number of Issues, Read the Patch Notes

Many gameplay and UI bugs are resolved.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 Collectibles Guide – All Campaign Collectible Locations

Complete the milestones for credits and crafting parts.