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The Banner Sage Trailer Contest has begun

The Banner Saga Trailer Contest Kicks Off, Grand Prize is $4,500

Make your unique Banner Sage story.

The Banner Saga for PlayStation Vita Cancelled

Sony took the lead on the project, but performance issues led to the cancellation.

Developer Stoic Talks The Banner Saga 3: “We Have to Do It”

“We set out to make this trilogy. We can’t leave the story unfinished.”

The Banner Saga 2 Won’t Be Out on Consoles Until Summer 2016

PC will get it first.

Here Are The Banner Saga PS4 Giveaway Code Winners!

Did you win?

The Banner Saga PS4 Giveaway – Enter for Your Chance to Win a Code Now!

Both US and EU PS4 gamers will get a chance!

The Banner Saga Review – Norse Strategy (PS4)

Mankind and Varl go to war with the Dredge in The Banner Saga’s PS4 debut.

The Banner Saga 2 on PS4 & Xbox One Hopefully Releasing Around the Same Time as the PC Version

Stoic still has a few months of work left.