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And the 10th New Challenger in SSFIV is..

Street Figher fans, I have excellent news for you. The 10th and Final ‘New’ Challenger in Super Street Fighter IV has been revealed. Now I have some bad news. It’s the Weirdest. Character. Ever. I kid you not. You have to check this guy out.

Capcom Confirms Lower Price Tag for SSFIV

When Capcom announced that Super Super Fighter IV would actually carry a cheaper price tag than the original release, fans didn’t ask why, they just accepted it with a smile. Gamestop, among other various retailers, listed the fighter for an oh so sweet price of $40 and guess what? Capcom has confirmed it.

Hadoken these Super Street Fighter IV Pre-Order Bonuses

Capcom has unleashed the Super Street Fighter IV pre-order bonuses to the world and you just might wanna’ throw down the $5 smackeroos to secure you copy ahead of time.

Super Street Fighter IV Introduces Old Challengers

With the confirmation of Street Fighter III’s Ibuki, Makoto and Dudley, theRead the full article…

New Super Street Fighter IV Trailer Shows Off New Challengers

We revealed early last week the final roster of world warriors that would be throwing their money in the hat for a chance to battle in Super Street Fighter IV. A trailer starring all of the new challegeners has been unofficially released and it’s Super Sweet.

Super Street Fighter IV Character Roster Leaked

Street Fighter IV is without a doubt, one of the best fightersRead the full article…

Full VGA Awards List, Winners & Nominees

As one of the largest Video Game shows in the world, the Spike Video Game Awards covered 28 different categories of gaming, from the Studio of the year, to the all important Game of The Year. PlayStation LifeStyle has compiled the entire list of categories with nominees and winners shown below. Winners are in bold and italics.

Machinima Inside Gaming Awards 2009β€”The PlayStation LifeStyle Verdict’s video game awards, the Inside Gaming Awards, for 2009 have officiallyRead the full article…

Meet the Super Street Fighter IV Newbie

Back in February Capcom announced that they would be bringing out SuperRead the full article…

The Top 100 PS3 Games

If you like this article, be sure to check Xbox LifeStyle forRead the full article…

Capcom Double Dipping Into Gamers Wallets

It all started way back in the early 90′s with one ofRead the full article…

Super Street Fighter IV Reveal Trailer

The recently revealed Super Street Fighter IV has received it’s debut trailer.Read the full article…