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inFamous: First Light Getting a Retail Release in Europe

Go fetch.

Sucker Punch: “Most of the Studio is Already Hard at Work on What’s Next”

inFamous; Second Son’s Photo Mode only took a few days to implement.

Sucker Punch GDC Presentation Talks About Development of inFamous: Second Son and Developing for the PS4

Sucker Punch, Bentley, lots of computer words, but no Sly Cooper

Nate Fox Says Future inFamous Games Could Work Like Assassin’s Creed

Plot twist: Delsin is a Templar

inFAMOUS Second Son Review (PS4)

Smoke, Neon, and… hah! I’m not telling!

Infamous: Second Son Lead Designer Jaime Griesemer Leaves Sucker Punch

We wish him luck.

50 inFamous: Second Son Screenshots Show PS4’s Graphical Potential

Even more graphical greatness awaits?

inFamous: Second Son Preview (PS4)

Sony put Neon and Smoke powers in our hands at a recent media event.

Sucker Punch: “We’re a One-Team Studio”

Enemy AI in Second Son has been completely reworked after inFamous 2.

Sucker Punch Hiring for “Upcoming (and Unannounced) Project”

Come on inFamous for PlayStation Vita!

Sony Shows Off New inFamous Second Son Trailer


inFamous: Second Son Featured in the Latest Conversations With Creators PS4 Video

DualShock 4 improvements and Touch Pad discussed.

Sucker Punch Announces inFamous: Second Son, Is PS4 Exclusive

Right in the gut.

Trick or Treat? A Look at Halloween Themed DLC

Hmmm Snickers, Spree, and….ooh new DLC! Sweet!

Sony Unveils New PlayStation Collections, Coming This August

More Kratos? Yes please!

Move Support Arrives For inFamous 2

Did you like the way Sucker Punch implemented PlayStation Move support inRead the full article…

Sucker Punch Releases Free inFamous 2 DLC

InFamous 2 was a great sequel that managed to score a 9/10Read the full article…

inFamous 2 – Trophy Guide

PlayStation LifeStyle’s trophy guide for inFamous 2.

Hero Edition of inFAMOUS 2 Gets Big Price Cut

The sequel to the smash hit inFAMOUS released last month, and itRead the full article…