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Bravo Team Aim Controller Bundle Coming Alongside the Game Next Year

More PSVR games are supporting the gun controller.

Bravo Team release date

Supermassive Games’ PSVR Shooter Bravo Team Delayed Until March

Supermassive needed more time.

Until Dawn Prequel The Inpatient Delayed Until January

A big blow to Sony’s holiday line-up.

Hidden Agenda Review – Party Crime (PS4/PlayLink)

When a crime thriller becomes a party game.

New Hidden Agenda Gameplay Revealed in Developer Diary

Solve the crimes before it’s too late!

Supermassive’s Hidden Agenda Gets New Trailer at TGS

Thrilling new adventure.

Bravo Team release date

Supermassive Games’ PSVR Shooter Bravo Team Releases This December

Get shootin’!

Until Dawn Prequel The Inpatient Releases This November

Get ready to be spooked later this year.

Hidden Agenda release

Supermassive Games’ Hidden Agenda Releasing in October

Supermassive’s PlayLink title will be here in a couple months.

Here Are Seven Classic Movies That Inspired Supermassive’s Until Dawn

Oh death, won’t you spare me over ‘til another year?

E3 2017 – Bravo Team Preview – Time Crisis (PSVR)

A great arcade VR shooter.

E3 2017 – The Inpatient Hands-On Preview – The Doctor Will See You Now (PSVR)

Think we’ll need to survive until dawn?

E3 2017 – Until Dawn Dev’s PSVR Shooter Bravo Team Unveiled

Watch a trailer.

E3 2017 – Sony Unveils Hidden Agenda from Until Dawn Creators

Looks like fun!

Best of 2016 Games Giveaway!

Two 1st runner-ups, too!

Here’s What Until Dawn’s Early Build Looked Like on PS3

Interesting video talks about the game’s development.

New PS4 Pro Videos Highlight the Tech Features, Upgraded Games

PS4 Pro provides auto-upscaling for standard Blu-ray discs.

Tumble VR Now Out, Here’s 10 Tips to Help You Tumble

Tips to rough and tumble!

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Review – Virtual Insanity (PSVR)

Rushing and gushing.

Until Dawn Rush of Blood trophies

Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Trophies Revealed

This ain’t your Until Dawn trophy list. It’s the Rush of Blood trophy list.