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Survey: More Women Own Consoles Than Men in the US

Are the girl gamers taking over?

Report: PlayStation Survey Asks About PSN Name Changes, PS2 Classics & Much More

Also asks about PS1 Classics, appearing offline, and deleting items from your library.

Let’s Hijack This Famitsu Warriors Survey

What franchise would you like to see as a musou?

Square Enix Gives PS Vita The Finger… Again

“Hey gamers! Tell us what we want to hear!”

Nielsen Survey: “Better Resolution” is the #1 Reason People Bought a PS4

Survey polled US console owners.

GDC Poll Finds Retail is Losing Importance, Digital Purchases Gaining Momentum

Digital or physical?

Survey Finds Gaming is the Least Welcoming Online Community for Women

This needs to change.

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