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tales of stream

Tales of 22nd Anniversary Stream Happening Later This Month

We’ll probably see a new game announcement.

Tales of Berseria review

Tales of Berseria Review – Reasonably Emotional (PS4)

Need a reason to try out a Tales of game?

Tales of Berseria Demo Out on January 10, Bandai Namco Addresses Censorship Concerns

They changed a scene to keep their rating.

Tales of Berseria EU Collector’s Edition Unveiled

Pre-order perks include badges and key chain.

Tales of Berseria Releases on January 24, 2017 for PS4 & PC

Limited Collector’s Edition coming to North America.

Dengeki Plays PS4 RPG Tales of Berseria

Also coming to PC in the west, PS3 in Japan.

Tales of Berseria Now Releasing in Early 2017 for PS4 & PC

Western gamers have to wait until next year.

20 Tales of Berseria Screens Show Locations, Combat, Characters

Also it stars a wolf girl.

Tales of Berseria Announced for 2016 Release on PS4 & PC in North America, Europe

It’s a Tale of Emotion versus Reason.

Tales of Zestiria Will Run at a Constant 30fps on PS4, Is “In the Best Interest for the Players’ Experience”

PS3 and PC versions also run at 30fps.

Not Much Substance to Tales of Berseria Debut Trailer, But Magazine Reveals Tiny Bits of Info

Velvet. 19. Quest for revenge. Colors. There ya go.

E3 2015 – Tales of Zestiria Hands-On Preview: Roaming With Jaggies

Holy jagged edges!

Lots of Underboob in Velvet’s Outfit – New Tales of Berseria Screens

Probably a very practical outfit for a pirate.

Tales of Zestiria PS4 Version Confirmed, PS4 & PS3 Release Date Revealed

Also coming to PC.

Tales of Berseria Revealed for PS3/PS4, Has Female Protagonist

Also she’s a pirate.

Tales of Zestiria Trailer Speaks English, Points to Fall Release Date

What do you think of the voice acting?

Tales of Zestiria Review – Wide Open Spaces (PS3 Import)

Bandai Namco’s latest is ambitous but flawed.

Tales of Hearts R Review – A Worthwhile Tale (Vita)

A strong tale of the heart

Tales of Hearts R PlayStation TV Compatibility Confirmed, Pre-Order Bonuses Detailed

Pre-order bonuses apply to retail and digital releases both.

Tales of Zestiria Sure is a PS3 Tales Game – TGS 2014 Hands-on

Fans will feel right at home.