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Team Bondi Set to Close; No Mystery Here

After months of speculation and constant bad vibes, L.A.Noire developer Team Bondi looks to officially close their studios doors for good.


Team Bondi Sleeps with the Fishes, Sells Assets and IPs

With L.A. Noire shipping an impressive 4 million, you’d think that developerRead the full article…


L.A. Noire Dev Team Bondi in Acquisition Talks

Team Bondi has fallen on hard times ever since the release ofRead the full article…


PS Vita Demonstrates Facial Recognition

At Game Tools and Middleware Forum 2011 taking place in Tokyo, SonyRead the full article…

Over a Hundred Developers Uncredited on L.A. Noire, After 10-12 Hour Work Days

After working on something for several years, putting in tens of hoursRead the full article…

Rockstar Games Gets the L.A. Noire DLC Rolling

Unlike games that just have a single storyline, games like L.A. NoireRead the full article…

Save on L.A. Noire, Then Save LA

We know you have to love getting deals on games, because we love them too. Quick check out this great on we found on LA Noire.

Rockstar Pass Detailed, DLC Announced

As promised, Rockstar Games has announced the details of their ‘Rockstar Pass’Read the full article…


L.A. Noire – Trophy Guide

We’re on the case of the missing L.A. Noire Trophies. We’ve located them all, and you can find them in our detailed police report.

Details on Rockstar Pass Coming Soon

L.A. Noire has been the talk of the video game world, garneringRead the full article…

L.A. Noire Set for Success, Becomes Bestselling New IP in UK Ever

Team Bondi and Rockstar Games‘ latest title, L.A. Noire, was quite theRead the full article…


Cross Game Chat #39 – L.A. Noire Roundtable

This week, our team does their first–hopefully of many–roundtable discussion of oneRead the full article…