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Journey Leads the Pack with 11 DICE Award Nominations

Including one for GOTY.


The Journey Collector’s Edition Mini Games Could be Coming to the EU PSN [Update]

They’re no Journey, that’s for sure.


Journey Soundtrack Nominated For Grammy Award

Validating games as an art form one nomination at a time.

Journey Starting Limited Public Beta

The beautiful, atmospheric experience known as Journey turned heads at E3—and movedRead the full article…

Journey to Get Limited Beta, Details Coming Soon

The developers over at thatgamecompany are busy on their latest title, Journey.Read the full article…

Journey – E3 Preview

In most situations, referring to something as a “game” is fine.  It’sRead the full article…

Get Lost In New Journey Screens

Thatgamecompany is one of the more unique video game developers. Their previousRead the full article…


Stunning Journey Gameplay Released

Thatgamecompany has already created two memorable titles for the PlayStation 3, Flower,Read the full article…


Journey Interview – PSN 2011 Preview

thatgamecompany is back, after a long 2 year wait, with their nextRead the full article…

Prepare to take a Journey

Jenova Chen has been responsible for titles that are both emotive andRead the full article…

GoldenEye Creator Emotionally Impacted by Flower

Flower was met with warm receptions, warm hearts and, in some cases, welled up eyes.