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witcher comic series

Dark Horse and CD Projekt RED Team Up for Another The Witcher Comic Series

Dark Horse also announced a collection for its previous Witcher comics.

gwent single player

Gwent Single-Player Spin-Off Coming to PS4 in December

Your future’s in the cards.

witcher 3 development

Devs Detail the Differences Between the Development of The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077

Every facet of development has received an overhaul.

Netflix’s The Witcher Casting Ad Provides Hints About Ciri’s Character

They’re looking for a BAME girl in her mid teens.

the witcher voice actor

Geralt’s Voice Actor Is on Board with Henry Cavill Playing the Role for Netflix

Geralt approves of Geralt.

henry cavill geralt

Henry Cavill Cast as Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s The Witcher Series

From Boy Scout to Butcher of Blaviken.

netflix the witcher script

Alleged Casting Scripts for Netflix’s The Witcher Series Appear Online

No, we don’t have any casting news yet.

The Witcher Motion Capture

Geralt’s Mo-Cap Actor Slices and Dices in The Witcher and Fruit Ninja Crossover Video

Geralt! Watch out for those Drowners, I want to slice those Drowners!

the witcher 4

The Next Witcher Game Would Not Be Titled The Witcher 4

How about The Witcheress?

The Witcher 4 should star Ciri

The Witcher 4 Should be About Ciri, Says Geralt Voice Artist

Ciri as the lead? Hell yeah!

witcher samurai jack

The Worlds of the Witcher and Samurai Jack Collide in Samurai Witcher Short

Now all we need is a Witcher animated series.

Cyberpunk 2077 Romance

Cyberpunk 2077’s Romance Options Are More Varied Than The Witcher

Prepare for complex relationships that give The Witcher 3’s love triangle a run for its money.

the witcher netflix

Netflix’s The Witcher Will Have 8 Episodes, Producers Aiming for a 2020 Release

Shooting will take place in Eastern Europe.

Now Loading the witcher 4

Now Loading: What’s Next for The Witcher?

Do you want The Witcher 4?

the witcher 3 sales

The Witcher Series Reached 33 Million Copies Sold in 2017

The entire series is selling like crazy.

the witcher 4

CD Projekt RED CEO: ‘We Can’t Create The Witcher 4’

There’s still hope for a new Witcher game, though.

soulcalibur 6 geralt

SoulCalibur VI Adds Geralt as Playable Character

Fight with Geralt in Kaer Morhen.

the witcher netflix

The Witcher Netflix Series Being Written By Daredevil, The Defenders Writer Lauren Schmidt Hissrich

She also worked on Starz’s Power.

Witcher 3 PS4 Pro

CD Projekt RED Will Address The Witcher 3’s Crashing Problem Following PS4 Pro Patch

There was some miscommunication.

the witcher series

The Witcher Documentary Series Explores the Franchise’s History, Design, and More

From the guys that brought you the Final Fantasy XIV documentary.