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The Witness PS4 Pro

PSA: The Witness PS4 Pro and HDR Support Patch is Out Now

Everyone benefits from HDR.

The Witness PS4 Pro

The Witness on PS4 Pro Features Two Modes for 4K TV Owners

The puzzle game is getting even prettier

The Witness review 1

Thekla Inc Explains Why Virtual Reality is “Problematic” for The Witness

Jonathan Blow also talks about Braid’s critic reception.


The Witness On Track to Sell More in a Week Than Braid Sold in First Year

..And Braid was a hit, too.


The Clickbait Podcast Ep. 11 – Why the Division Will Fix What Destiny Broke

…but I really wanted to talk about The Witness.

The Witness review header

Jonathan Blow Reflects on Early Success of The Witness, Spoiler-Free Tips Surface Online

If you’ve yet to play, Blow encourages you to remain in the dark.

60 Seconds

The Witness Preview in 60 Seconds

Get the skinny on Blow’s Myst-inspired puzzler.

The Witness review header

The Witness Review – New Perspective (PS4)

Are you ready to use your brain?


The Witness Will Be Almost Impossible to 100% Complete, Says Creator Jonathan Blow

Sounds tricky.

the witness

Braid Creator’s Puzzle Game The Witness Is at Bug Fixing Stage

There’s quite a long list of them.

the witness

Jonathan Blow: Income Earned From Braid No Longer Enough to Fund The Witness

Blow borrowed money for The Witness.

the witness

Braid Creator’s PS4 Game ‘The Witness’ Almost Done

No release date yet.