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THQ President Details Publisher’s “New Start”

It’s not over till the fat lady sings.


THQ Files for Bankruptcy, Seeking Buyer

Didn’t see this coming…


Ubisoft Possibly Looking to Purchase IP From THQ

Ubisoft’s wishlist: Saints Row, Darksiders, Metro…

THQs Final Hope

Daily Reaction: THQ – The Rise, The Fall, The End?

How not to run a business.


Darksiders 2 Dominates US Game Sales During August

Madden NFL 13 enjoys record-breaking first-week sales.


WWE ’13 Preview (PS3)

Nearly escaping the 3-count.

WWE 13

THQ Unveils WWE 13 Roster

Includes veterans such as Steve Austin and The Rock.


Darksiders 2 Combat Designed to be “Open Ended”

Combat inspired by DMC and Bayonetta.


Darksiders II Review (PS3)

Ride forth, Pale Rider!


Final Pre-Release Trailer for Darksiders 2 Goes Live

One week away!


Rubin: Four New Titles in Development at THQ’s Internal Studios

Four new projects? I’m intrigued.


THQ Announces the Cancellation of Guillermo del Toro’s Insane

Not much of a franchise if the first game never saw the light of day.

Darksiders 2 - Makers Realm

Watch as Death Tears Through Hell in the Latest Commercial for Darksiders II

Death is coming and there’s nothing you can do to stop him.

Darksiders 2 - Nightmare

Earning Trophies in Darksiders 1 Will Unlock Bonus Content in the Sequel

Make sure you finish the original.

feature - wwe logo

Enhanced Presentation, Mid-Air Finishers, & More Highlighted In WWE ’13 Trailer

WWE ’13 to receive improvements via WWE Live presentation, enhanced Predator Technology, and more.

Darksiders 2 - Guardian Trailer 1

Vigil Discusses the Possibility of Darksiders 3, Planning for a Smaller, More Polished Followup

Please THQ, don’t axe one of your few great franchises!


Vigil: Four Player Co-Op Considered For Darksiders, Still Interested In Possibility In The Future

Darksiders II Lead Designer says that four player co-op was considered for the original Darksiders and that the team is still interested in the concept.

New Saints Row and 1666 Domains Registered by THQ

First LucasArts takes 1313, now THQ takes 1666… What’s with all the numbers?

Darksiders 2 - Guardian

Get a Fresh Look at the Latest Gameplay-Heavy Trailer for Darksiders 2

Dealing with Death has never been so much fun.

feature - wwe logo

THQ Celebrating WWE RAW’s 1000th Episode With Half-Off WWE Game DLC Sale On PSN

THQ celebrating WWE RAW’s 1000th milestone with a limited time sale for WWE game DLC on PSN.