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Want PlayStation VR Support for ADR1FT? Dev Says to Demand it From Sony & 505 Games

They’d be “crazy not to do it.”

ADR1FT Review – Dead Space (PS4)

Plenty of atmosphere, but not much else.

ADR1FT Isn’t Planned for PlayStation VR Right Now

PlayStation Access said earlier this week that it was.

ADR1FT Is Roughly Four Hours Long, Developer Likens it to Firewatch & Gone Home

Learn more about the PS4 game coming tomorrow.

ADR1FT Releases on July 15 for PS4

New trailer shows off the FPX in action.

ADR1FT Looks Beautiful in the New Clair de Lune Trailer

Coming to consoles sometime after March 28.

Adr1ft Coming to PS4 & Xbox One “Shortly After” March 28 Oculus Rift, Steam Release

Watch some gameplay.

ADR1FT Gameplay Video Introduces the Story

Coming in 2016.

ADR1FT Delayed to Launch With Oculus Rift, Release Date for Console Versions Not Announced

“Hand-selected” by Oculus.

Adr1ft E3 2015 Trailer Leaked, Reveals September Release for All Platforms

Space survival launches this September.