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rainbow six siege update

Rainbow Six Siege Developers Respond About Recoil System Changes

They’re listening to your concerns.

rainbow six siege free weekend

Rainbow Six: Siege Will Have a Free Weekend for PS Plus Members

The free weekend is in celebration of Operation Blood Orchid.

rainbow six siege update

Rainbow Six: The Siege Operation Blood Orchid Update Coming Soon

More information during the Pro League finals at Gamescom.

Rainbow Six Siege Now Has 20 Million Registered Players

2.3 million sign on daily.

Rainbow Six Siege Mid-Season Reinforcements Update Brings Skill Buffs, Weapon Tweaks and More

Maintenance scheduled for tomorrow.

Rainbow Six Siege Operator Mira Revealed

Mira is ready to rock.

Rainbow Six Siege support

Rainbow Six Siege Year Two Details Coming Very Soon

Now is your last chance to grab year one Season Pass.

Rainbow Six Siege support

Latest Rainbow Six Siege Update Causing Game to Freeze and Crash on PS4, Ubisoft Working on Fixes

Ubisoft reported a DDoS attacks on its servers as well.

Ubisoft Increases Efforts to Counter Cheating in Rainbow Six Siege

Meanwhile The Division players report on early cheaters…

First Two Rainbow Six Siege DLC Operators Reportedly Leaked

US and Canadian female operators.

Rainbow Six Siege Review – Tango Down (PS4)

It takes five to Siege tango.

Rainbow Six Siege Solo Mode Gameplay Shown Off, “Situations” Explained

Situations will help players “ease into the experience.”