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Latest Free Expansion to Trove Releasing Later This Spring

Help the rebellion take back the city.

Here’s the Livestream Schedule for Trove Eclipse Expansion

They’re happening every Friday.

Trove Megalithic Update Lands on PS4 Next Week, Trailer Released

The dino-riders have arrived!

“Epic” Megalithic Update Coming Later This Year to PS4 & Xbox One Versions of Trove

Trion Worlds previews their 2017 plans for Trove.

Trove Credits, Gem Boxes and Patron Points Giveaway

Prepare for lots of in-game stuff!

Trove Console Launch Update Now Out on PS4 & Xbox One

Trove has exited beta and is now fully launched.

Trove Releases on March 14 for PS4 & Xbox One, Beta Nears Four Million Players

Play the beta, get a mount.

Trove Devs Working to Fix Critical Issues on PS4 & Xbox One (Update)

Once that’s done, expect it to fully launch.

Free-to-Play MMO Trove Is Now in Open Beta on PS4 & Xbox One

PlayStation Plus members earn 20% extra experience.

Trove Is a Free-to-Play MMO Coming to PS4 & Xbox One in 2016

Already has five million players on PC/Mac.

Defiance TV Show Cancelled, Game Will “Continue Exactly as Before”

“There are plenty of stories that need to be told in this world.”

TV Series for Trion Worlds’ MMO Defiance Gets Third Season

Looks like it’s doing well on TV!

Defiance Review (PS3)

No end in sight? Awesome.