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Killing floor incursion review 2

Killing Floor: Incursion Review – Stop Hitting Yourself (PSVR)

You gotta give this game a hand. Or a head. Or a leg.

Killing Floor Incursion trophies

Killing Floor: Incursion Trophies Feature a Platinum, View Full List

It’ll feature multiple endings.

Killing Floor Incursion trophies

Killing Floor: Incursion Release Date Announced for PlayStation VR

Plus new modes and exclusive features. What’s not to like?

killing floor 2 update 1.16 patch notes

Read the Killing Floor 2 Update 1.16 Patch Notes

Two new maps, three weapons, and more.

killing floor 2 christmas update

Killing Floor 2 Christmas Update Includes Krampus, New Maps, and More

Tons of new Christmas content.

Killing Floor Incursion

Killing Floor: Incursion Coming to PSVR, Watch the Trailer & Gameplay

It’s fully featured.

killing floor 2 update

New Killing Floor 2 Update Out Today on PS4

Tis the spooky season!

Killing Floor 2 Update 1.09 Out on PS4, Fixes Matchmaking Issue

Next update already in the works.

Killing Floor 2 Update Today on PS4 Kicks Off the Summer Sideshow Seasonal Event

Killing Floor 2 was a PS+ game last month.

Killing Floor 2 Descent Content Pack Now Available, Adds New Maps and Weapons

Trial version available with Descent pack included.

Killing Floor 2 Update Today Adds the Tropical Bash Content Pack

New map, new Zed, and more.

Killing Floor 2

Killing Floor 2 Review – Nonstop Grind (PS4)

Can Killing Floor 2 make a successful transition to consoles?

Gravity Rush 2 Has Gone Gold

Killing Floor 2 also goes gold.

Killing Floor 2 Open Beta Starts November 4, PS4 Pro Trailer Released

You’ll be able to play all weekend.

Killing Floor 2 PS4 Pro Gameplay Shown Off, Enhancements Detailed

PS4 Pro owners will find 1800p checkboard rendering on 4K TVs in Killing Floor 2.

Killing Floor 2 Releases on November 18 for PS4 & PC

Video offers a long look at gameplay.

E3 2016 – Killing Floor 2 Hands-On Preview – Horde Galore (PS4)

For the horde!

Killing Floor 2 Headed to Retail via Deep Silver

No word yet on a release date.

Killing Floor 2 Has a New Live Action Trailer, and It’s Kind of Freaky

Yikes! Scary.

Killing Floor 2 Video Takes a Look at Weapons and Perks

Blood and violence, with the developers narrating.