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Evolve Developer Turtle Rock Working on a ‘Globally Known’ Franchise

Could it be the previously teased co-op FPS?

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2K Shutting Down Evolve’s Dedicated Servers and Several Other Features

You’ll still be able to play the game.

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Cooperative Shooter PS4 Games Like Left 4 Dead

Since there most likely won’t be a Left 4 Dead 3 anytime soon.

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Turtle Rock Ends Evolve Support, Free-to-Play Version May Not Come to PS4 or Xbox One

But the servers will stay online.

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Evolve Countdown Clock Teases Something for Tomorrow

“Craziest update yet.”

Evolve’s Next DLC is an Elder Kraken

Coming February 23.

2K Announces Borderlands Triple Pack for November 17

2K Games bundle their titles just in time for the holiday season.

Evolve’s Fifth Monster “Gorgon” Releasing Alongside Ultimate Edition

“Sly and hideous killer.”

Evolve Ultimate Edition and Borderlands Triple Pack Hitting Stores in November

Prices revealed.

Evolve Update 5.0 Released, Introduces Jack Along With Numerous Tweaks

New free map!

Evolve Update 4.0.0 Rolls Out Today, Check Out the Full List of Changes

Lennox makes her way in.

Evolve Developer Turtle Rock Studios Working on an “Upcoming AAA Title”

It will contain “vehicles and weapons.”

Take-Two CEO Says Evolve is a “Permanent IP,” BioShock Still “Really Important”

Says Evolve was “a bit too multiplayer-focused”

Evolve Update Today Adds New Arena Mode, Drops the Monster and Hunter Squad In a Dome

See the new mode in action for 7 minutes.

Take-Two: Evolve Performed Above Expectations, to Be a “Key Long-Term Franchise”

“Strong demand” for Evolve DLC claims Take-Two.

Evolve Update 2.0.8 Rolling Out, Tweaks and Balance Fixes Included

Micropatch for consoles.

Evolve Update 2.0.6 Now Live on Consoles, Read the Changes Now

That’s a lot of tweaks…

Evolve Update “2.0.1” Now Out, Read Up on All the Changes Now

It’s called a “micropatch.”

Evolve Update 2.0 on PS4, Xbox One & PC Out Now, Here’s All the Details

As expected, update 2.0 went live for Evolve on PlayStation 4, XboxRead the full article…