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Dino frontier Preview 1

Dino Frontier’s Songs Are Hilarious and Catchy, Listen to All of Them Here

A charming Old West soundtrack.

Dino frontier Preview 1

Dino Frontier Review – Cowboys and Sauropods (PSVR)

Raptors at noon.


Dino Frontier Launches on August 1 for PSVR, Pre-Order to Save 20%

It’s a management game that requires to PlayStation Move controllers.

Dino frontier Preview 1

PSX 2016 – Dino Frontier Preview – Raptors and Outlaws (PSVR)

Build. Manage. Get eaten.

dino frontier

PSX 2016 – Wayward Sky Dev Unveils Dino Frontier for PlayStation VR

Manage and build settlements in a world that combines the wild west with the Jurassic era.

Wayward Sky Review

Wayward Sky Review – Point and Click (PSVR)

This game features chickens that wear aviator goggles.

wayward sky

Watch the Official E3 2015 Trailer for Morpheus Game “Wayward Sky”

Designed to ease players into VR.