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Report: Leaked Assassin’s Creed Origins Off-Screen Screenshot Is Real

Eurogamer sources say to expect Origins in 2017 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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New Assassin’s Creed Origins Report Surfaces, Claims It Features Open World and Two Protagonists

It’ll be less linear than predecessors.


The Crew Hits 12 Million Players, Ivory Tower Devs Thanks Players

That’s a lot of miles!


The Division Free Weekend Runs From May 4 to 7 on PS4, Xbox One & PC

And the full game will be discounted at the same time.


For Honor Update 1.06 Today on PS4 & Xbox One Balances Fighters, Improves Performance

Rematch timer reduced from 90 to 60 seconds.

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Report: Vivendi Might Be Eyeing Ubisoft Takeover This Year, According to Sources

Ubisoft won’t go down without a fight.


Steep’s Winterfest DLC Arrives on May 3, Includes the Winter Sled

Season Pass owners get it for free, everyone else has to pay $12.


Ubisoft Announces Bordeaux & Berlin Studios, Each Will Assist in Developing AAA Games

Ubisoft Berlin is working with Blue Byte on an unannounced project from a AAA franchise.


For Honor Update 1.05 Now Out on PS4 & Xbox One, Here’s the Changes

AFK detection now treats non-changing/constant controller inputs as AFK.


Ghost Recon Wildlands Narco Road DLC Launch Trailer Released

Out for non-Season Pass owners on April 25!


Watch Dogs 2 Update 1.13 Is Live, Adds Showd0wn PvP Mode & Paintball Gun

No Compromise DLC launches tomorrow for PS4.


For Honor Update 1.05 Now Expected Next Week, Update 1.06 Coming Next Month

1.06 will include stability improvements and hero balancing.


Ghost Recon Wildlands Update 1.05 Adds DLC Support, Live Season Challenges

It’s around 8.4GB in size.


Ghost Recon Wildlands Narco Road DLC Out on April 18 for Season Pass Owners

Everyone else can buy it beginning on April 25.


For Honor Update 1.05 Coming to Consoles in a Week, Patch Notes Released

Includes fixed to gear stats, fighters, and more.


Assassin’s Creed III, Far Cry 4 Director Leaves Ubisoft to Set Up New Studio

It’s called Typhoon Studios.


Ghost Recon Narrowly Beats Horizon Zero Dawn to Become March’s Best-Selling Game in UK

Check out the top 5 for the month.


The Crew Won’t Receive Any Major Updates in the Coming Months

“But rest assured that The Crew has only just begun.”