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Expect VR Games to Create a New Genre in the Coming Years

What if the genre is “real-life sim” or something like that?

Report: Facebook Has Social VR Plans for PlayStation VR, Job Listing Suggests

Spaces is already in beta on Oculus and Vive.

Phil Spencer on VR: This Isn’t “the Time to Be Competitive in This Space”

Console VR remains exclusive to PlayStation.

Konami Sees Increase in Profit, Says It’s Looking Into VR and “Serious Development” of e-Sports

PES 2017 enjoying a strong performance.

Hideo Kojima Joins Advisory Board of VR Company to Help “Shape the Future of VR”

He’s been friends with Prologue’s Kyle Cooper for over 17 years.

EA CFO Says PS4/Xbox One Sales Have Reached 60 Million, Teases More Star Wars Games

EA is experimenting with VR.

Hideo Kojima Interested in a “Different Kind of Horror” for VR

He wants to evoke unique feelings.

ARM: Mobile Visuals Will Be on Par With PS4, Xbox One by 2018

VR on mobile could instigate major transition to smartphones and tablets.

10 PS4 Games That Could Be Better With Project Morpheus

The future of virtual reality looks bright!

E3 2015 – Predicting Project Morpheus’ Would-Be Path to Success

Seeing is Believing.

VR Support for Rock Band 4 Could Make It “Incredible and Immersive,” Says Harmonix CEO

No specific plans revealed.

Former Epic Games President Feels Virtual Reality Will be Difficult to Sell to Mainstream Consumers

He thinks AR could have better market potential.

Resident Evil Producer: VR Makes “Perfect Sense” for Horror Games

Capcom recreated the mansion in the first Resident Evil as a VR prototype.

Electronic Arts Founder Thinks Virtual Reality is Impractical

He doesn’t like wearing goggles.

Former Valve Contractor Explains Why Virtual Reality is “Bad News”

VR is “anti-social.”

30 Minutes With Sony’s Virtual Reality Headset, Prototype-SR

An unforgettable one-time experience, but certainly still a prototype.

Sony Revealing New Virtual Reality Head Mount at TGS

You will witness the immersive future of vague immersive entertainment.