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Rocksteady: Batman: Arkham Knight is “The Biggest Game We’ve Ever Made”

Side missions will introduced differently as well.

Mortal Kombat Tanya

Mortal Kombat X Tanya Return Dated

It’s really, really “early June.”

Dying Light Night Hunter

Dying Light Amasses 4.5 Million Unique Players in 100 Days

That’s a lot of brains!


Batman: Arkham Knight “Disruptor” Weapon Detailed

Jam enemy weapons and more.


Mortal Kombat X – Everything You Need to Know

Moooooortal Kombaaaaat!


Mortal Kombat X Fightpad Won’t Be Available for PS3 and PS4 in the UK

Due to “licensing limitations” according to the maker.

Bastion Header

Bastion Review – Timeless Tales From a Stranger (PS4)

He headed for the Bastion, where they all agreed to meet if anything happened…


Batman Arkham Knight PS4 Exclusive Content is a Timed Exclusive

“At least until fall 2015.”


Dying Light Devs Answer Questions on Twitter, Explain that Dying Light 2 is “Far Off,” Focusing on DLC

Silencers are on the company’s “to do list.”


Mortal Kombat Creator Teases New “-ality” (Update)

So, babalities or animalities? Or maybe something new?


Dying Light Infograph Reveals Game Stats, Over 370 Million Zombies Killed to Date

Over 10x the wealth of Bill Gates amassed in in-game money.

Dying Light Night Hunter

Future of Dying Light Teased in Video, “Much More to Come” According to Techland CEO

“new maps, modes, skills, quests, weapons, and much more” coming for the zombie game.


Video Shows Mortal Kombat X Fightpad and How It Works

It’s wired, though.

Supergiant-games (1)

Indie Games Showcase: Supergiant Games

Meet the team behind two of the industry’s indie darlings.


Mortal Kombat X Kitana Trailer Shows Different Fighting Styles

Royal Storm, Assassin, or Mournful.


Mortal Kombat X Won’t Have a Demo, Predator DLC Rumored to Come in June

CIA agent Al Dillon rumored to be playable as well.


Mortal Kombat X Season Pass Confirmed, Will Include New Characters and Skins

NetherRealm Studio’s upcoming Mortal Kombat X will have a Season Pass, whichRead the full article…


Mortal Kombat X Micro-transactions Might Be a Thing, Three New Characters Hinted At

Microtransactions? Ugh.

Shadow of Mordor VS

Monolith: Real World Sports One of the Big References for Shadow of Mordor’s Nemesis System

Oddly, it makes sense…


Gamer Academy – Dying Light Trophy Guide

Kill zombies, earn Trophies.