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Zelda: Breath of the Wild Is Currently the Highest-Rated Game Since 2008

Sony congratulates Nintendo on the reviews and Switch launch.

Nintendo: Wii U Production Ending in Japan, Shipments Finished in North America

Lifetime sales are less than GameCube and Nintendo 64.

Game Consoles Among Best-Selling and Highest-Earning Products on Black Friday

PS4 was the highest-earning product for Best Buy.’s #1 Console for Black Friday 2015 Wasn’t the PS4 or Xbox One, but the Wii U

The Wii U was also the #1 selling item overall on Target’s website.

PS4 Lead Over Xbox One Continues to Grow, Latest Quarterly Financial Reports Show

Will the tortoise catch the hare?

TGS 2015: 40% of Games Exhibited Were Mobile, Action is the Most Popular Genre

244/1283 titles for all current-gen consoles & handhelds combined.

The Industry: Issue #13 – Wii U the Innovation of This Generation

Dream big.

The Wii U’s Gamepad Was the Only Thing to Offer Innovation “This Console Cycle,” Says Nintendo

“It is the only real innovation in this console cycle”

Daily Reaction: Has Nintendo Stepped Down From the Big Three?

Table for two?

E3 2015 – Weighing Up Sony’s Competition Ahead of the Event

Know Thy Enemy.

Versus – PS4 vs. Xbox One vs. Wii U Known Holiday Releases

Only announced and confirmed games count. Watch the match up now!

Nintendo of America President Says Wii U is a Better Value Than PS4, Xbox One

Is it, though?

Reggie of Nintendo Asks: “What’s the Difference” Between PS4 & Xbox One?

“I’d much rather be where Nintendo is.”

Remastered Video Games: Must-Haves or Cash-Grabs?

A balance needs to be struck.

Sony Attributes Some of the PS4 Success to Wii U Performance

The “more casual and family audience has gravitated towards our platform” in Europe.

PS4 Nets Most gamescom 2014 Coverage, Event Catching Up to E3 in Terms of PR Impact

PS4 is the most covered platform for both E3 and gamescom this year!

Reggie Fils-Aime: Lifetime Wii U & PS4 Sales Are “Pretty Close”

Really now, Reggie?

Daily Reaction: Will Motion Controls be as big Next Gen?

Move it or lose it.

Bad Gamers: Wii U Listen to This? Sony’s Quest for the Core Gamer

Getting to the core of the problem.

Wii U, PS4 and 720: Power Matters

No matter what the ladies tell you.